Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative

There's a global genetic war on cancer and the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) is leading the way. In 2008, the ICGC was created with its primary goal to identify all of the genetic mutations involved in causing the 50 most common forms of cancer.

This consortium will encourage an international collaboration on an unprecedented scale so that scientists can develop new diagnostic tests and treatments and shorten the road to a cure. Canada has taken on the challenge of pancreatic cancer;and has the ambitious goal of mapping the genetic mutations involved in the disease.

Ontario researchers announced they will take a lead role with the International Cancer Genome Consortium, one of the largest global research efforts since the Human Genome Project. Within 10 years, the consortium plans to map the genetic mutations that drive 50 of the most common cancers. Delving into cancer genomes will help scientists understand the complex biological mechanisms that cause cancers to grow and spread. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty committed $10 million over the next decade to the consortium.

There’s no doubt that international collaboration is the key to unlocking innovation and if we are to make any progress with pancreatic cancer, we have to continue to work together to fund research that will provide new hope for a cure.

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