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Pancreatic Cancer Meetup/Support Groups

What are Meetups????  They are informal events that bring people with a shared interest together to learn something, do something, share something ...

meetup 2Pancreatic Cancer Canada is aware that there are very few pancreatic cancer support groups nationally. We have launched Meetup as a new initiative for us and although we do not run groups ourselves we can provide a helping hand to get you started.

Meetups are designed to create a community that provides support and education to anyone touched by pancreatic cancer. The intention is to create a strong network of people who will 'meet up' on a regular basis to share experiences, offer support, learn about advancements in the disease, as well as ways to raise funds and awareness about pancreatic cancer – and ultimately create hope in the face of this disease.

meetup 1Support groups are fundamentally about human warmth, friendship and companionship with people who have had or are having the same experience.  

We held our initial Meetup in Toronto in June and the consensus was to continue and meet on a quarterly basis. We are now expanding to Calgary and Ottawa.

If you are interested in starting a Meetup in your area you can contact us at info@pancancanada.ca




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