Facing our fears

"We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face..."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Wall Of Hope And Inspiration ...

This wall is a special way for individuals, families and organizations to honour and encourage those extraordinary people in their lives who have been affected by pancreatic cancer with words of encouragement and hope.

Many survivors relate how they found strength through their family and friends and have learned that they are stronger than they ever believed they could be. We welcome you to share your stories of resilience and courage so that others can be inspired.

Your gift will support research that focuses on discovering new and better ways to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer and improve the quality of life of people living with this disease.

We thank you for your words of hope and your generosity. Make a donation now.

Together ... we can make a difference in the fight to end pancreatic cancer


Below you will find the names of those we honour ... our loved ones, our friends and our colleagues  

The following names are listed in alphabetical order according to the last name. When you click on a specific name, you will be routed to that person's name/message on the tribute portion of this page.

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 Honouring those who continue to FIGHT and INSPIRE us each and every day...

In Honour of Laurie Ellies
  • "In honour of my amazing sister and all the good work the PCC accomplishes every single day!!" - Paul Larocque
  • "To my amazing sister on the occasion of her birthday." - Love, her bro! - 2014

ATCO EPIC Fundraising Campaign

  • Alison Ireland
  • Joyce Werk
  • Kenneth Stuparek
  • Walter Mitchell
  • George Leighton
  • Leonard LeBlanc
  • Sidney Haiste
  • Doug Baer
  • Canadian Utilities Limited

Chris Lawton


Anna Maria Isola

  • Twila Isola and Friends

Nevena Nikolich

  • "A Special Christmas Wish for a cure to you in memory of your Mother" - Catherine Cathcart

John MacNeil

  • Kris McCann

Terry Kelly

  • " Love daddy's little girl' - Laura Kelly

Barker-Pater Family

  • "Please accept this donation made in your family's name as my gift to you this holiday season. Very proud to have such amazing people as my employers and friends.- Michelle Reid

Kevin Parker

  • Sheila Lebel
Don Muio
  • "Good luck with your battle, Don" - Gabriel Mandel
Kathy Gurnett
  • Joe Dand
In Honour of Aileen Doris
  • Thank you so much for the music from the Bolin/Clark Family
In Honour of Jim 'Grampa' Coleman
  • "Hi Grampa! This donation is to honor you! I hope you get better soon. Love you so much! Oliver
  • "Hi Grampa. I can't wait to wrestle you again and I wanted to tell you that I'm donating money to Pancreatic Cancer so I hope you feel better soon. And I love you forever and I won't ever stop! Love Kai xoxoxxxooo
In Honour of Jack and Ester Cohen
In Honour of Donna Silvaggio-Bonanno
  • Happy 50th Birthday - Angela Grella
In Honour of Jay Gillespie
  • Michael Kehoe
In Honour of Ed Stamp and the NL Pennies for Pancreatic Cancer
  • "Thank you to everyone who participated in our "penny can" campaign over the past 12 months, together we raised almost $3,500...just by asking for pennies, thanks again. ps...we still welcome your unwanted pennies, as you can see, they still add up!" - the Stamp Family
In Honour of Roslyn Friedberg
  • "A generous donation in honour of Roslyn Friedberg, best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year" - Lovingly Brenda & Hannah Klein
In Honour of Michael Clarfield
  • "A Happy and Healthy New Year to the Clarfield Family" - Steven Colomby
In Honour of John van Haastrecht
  • Harry Rannala
In Honour of Maria Egeland's Wedding
  • Maria Egeland
In Honour of the Dick Aldridge Charity Golf Classic
  • Ladies Aux. Can. Italian Business Assoc.
  • Jim Lennox
  • Pat Fremeau
In Honour of Penny and Jon Austin's 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • "Happy Golden Anniversary Penny & Jon" - Jorie & Al Hiscott
In Honour of Lisa Coulter
  • "For all you have done for St. Patrick Catholic School, we would like to make this donation in memory of your mother, Pat . The staff at St. Patrick will miss you greatly" - Sara Michea
In Honour of Sue Williams
  • "I love you Mom, stay strong" - Kerry Williams
In Honour of Jared Marcus
  • Timothy Lee
  • Jenni Woods
  • Lauren Davy
  • Rosalie Tala Zepeda
In Honour of Sarah Thompson
  • Matt Mcilkenney
  • Rob Sommerville
  • Richard Chappell
  • Michelle Kehoe
  • Thelma Herley
  • Rebecca Tremblay
  • Chris Chappell
  • Sarah Chappell
  • Nicholas Chappell 
  • Lindsay O' Bryan
  • Michele Herley Tremblay
  • Abigail Gordon
     Laurie Cote
     Andrew Sloan
     Monica Chappell
In Honour of Victor Cowan
  • "Happy Father's Day, Papa" - Steven Guillemette
In Honour of Arnie Vered
  • "We are on your championship team!  Love, Dara and Brad Gottleib
  • 18th Arnon & Ron Enginee
  • "Your courage and resolve are an inspiration. Fight the good fight and win this battle" - D. John Naccarato
  • Paul Chesser
  • David W, Scott
  • Jonathan Freedman
  • "Charlesfort is proud to support a Champion" - Douglas Casey
  • In support of you, Arnie, from your friends at DSMA
  • Howard Cohen
  • Paul Chesser
  • Alan Cohen
  • "Thanks for showing us how it's done, Arnie.You quietly teach us all more than your humble self can ever imagine" - John Russell 
    David Gervais
  • Stephen Victor
  • Laurie Sanderson
  • Ron and Avalee Prehogan
  • "Wishing you refuah shleimah!" -Sincerely,Neri Braverman-Tischler and Aron Tischler
In Honour of Gary and Julie Stern
  • " Congrats on the rekindling of your vows. All the best" - Michael and Lynn Clarfield
In Honour of Sheldon Polansky
  • " Happy Father's Day! I love you and I am so lucky to have you as my dad. Love Sam Starkman
In Honour of Louise Stott
  • "With love on Mother's Day to a woman with a tremendous spirit and beautiful soul" - Becky Stott
In honour of Nancy Devito
  • Catarina Devito
In Honour of Ricky & Patricia Brade
  • "Pat, you are one of the most giving people I know. I thought your anniversary gift should reflect that value. I know this cause is near and dear to your heart. One day we will find a cure so we don't have to watch our angels in heaven suffer" - April Campbell
In Honour of Stuart Skip Cobbet
  • "This is just a little thank you for being such a big help when I was in Montreal... thank you" - Patricia Salice
In Honour of Maria Pape
  • "Happy Birthday Maria, and many many more!" - Love Peg Beauchamp
In Honour of John McNiven
  • "Your strength during this fight is inspiring! Happy Birthday! Love you!" - Gary, Kelly and Abbey Potts
In Honour of Sindy Hooper
  • Robert Garnett
In Honour of Joshua Hardy
  • Happy Birthday Josh! it is very generous of you to ask for charitable donations in lieu of birthday gifts" - Leslie Rowland
In Honour of Barry Silverman
  • A contribution has been made to Pancreatic Cancer Canada. Happy Birthday & many years of happiness & health
In Honour of Laurie Ellies and Betty Aldridge
  • "I am so very much inspired by all the good work that you continue to accomplish in memory of those who have lost their battles with pancreatic cancer and to honour those who are affected by this disease right now. Thank you!!" - Paul Larocque
In Honour of Peggy Beauchamps
  • "Happy Birthday Peggy" - Lorraine Blair
  • "Thinking of you and hope that you have a great birthday" - Love Colleen and Bob Dodge
  • "Happy '65th' - It is a pleasure to share my birhtday with you" - Love Denise De Bernardi
In Honour of Brad Henderson
  • "We all behind you Brad, keep up the fight!!" - Turton Euchre Tournament
In Honour of Karen Deterding
  • "Hope to see you in January for a special visit then. Will be thinking of you on the 28th" - Cheryl MacLean
    Suzanne Bassett
In Honour of Joe Hershberger
  • "If you do your part - I promise to be there for your NEXT 50th party. Can't believe I had to miss it! xox Sandy Pearl & Mabel
In Honour of Patricia Coulter
  • Victoria Lemon
  • Margaret Darling
In Honour of Gabi Blair
  • "Wishing you a very special birthday!And many more to come!!" - Lorraine Blair
In Honour of Randy Isenor
  • "Dad you have always been my hero and you always will be!I know that this donation won't help you but it may help others.fight this horrible disease" - " - Laura Isenor
In Honour of Cynthia Verboven
  • "For your Dad !!" - Noelle D Reitenbach
In Honour of Diane Stolte
  • Jill Fenaughty
In Honour of Master David & Dr. Sandra Sandler
  • Wise Riddell Financial Group
In Honour of Stephanie Dobson
  • "Thank you and Joe and Abbey for all the love and support you have given me and Dad this last year" - Cathrine Ross
In Honour of Lisa & Lina Lebrun
  • Robyn Plane
In Honour of Cathy Tremblay
  • "All the best you and Dwight in the Xmas season and in the New Year" - Linda and Mac Sparrow
In Honour of Peter Laycock
  • "All the best in the Xmas season to the Laycocks" - Linda and Mac Sparrow
In honour of Manny Singer
  • "Congratulations on your special birthday" - Elena and Roger
In honour of Murray Farb's 60th B-Day
  • "Wishing you all the best."- Sheila Kirshenblatt
  • Pam Ross
  • Susan Sole
  • Billie Samuels

In Honour of Dr. Sean Cleary
  • Susan & Stephen Taylor 
In Memory of Jean-Marc Chartier
  • "In honour of you fighting this cancer Dad, we (the 4 girls) are each making a donation as a birthday gift to you.  We are happy you are defying the odds and still with us 2 years after being diagnosed.  Keep on fighting it Dad.  We love you!" - Carmelle
  • "Bonne fête dad! Since you don't want any "stuff" for your bday, we thought we'd each contribute to the cause that you're fighting so hard to beat. This is your third one since you got the news, and you're showing this cancer who's the boss! " - Cleo Chartier
  • "Joyeux 72e anniversaire papa!  Je suis si fiere de t'avoir commepere.  Merci de tout tes bons conseils et de la sagesse que tu as partage avec nous.  Je t'aime!   Continue d'etre un guerrier dans ton combat avec le cancer! " - luv, JJ
  • "Bonne fête dad!" - Lisa Chartier-Derouin
In Honour of Betty Gordon
  • "To honour your years on earth, my good friend!" - Claire Nault
In Honour of Demetra "Didi" Diles
  • "My mom is going to kick this cancer's butt!" - Michael Musi
  • "Keep fighting, koukla! S'ayapo" - Kimberly Lamontagne
In Honour of Shelley Clarke
  • "Good going Shell" - Ralph Akerstream
In Honour of Michael Thompson
  • Station Creek Golf Club
In Honour of Jake Kamin
  • "You're such a great friend. This donation is in memory of your Grandfather" - Sid Silverberg
In Honour of Janice Little's 60th Birthday
  • "Happy 60th, Jan! Your gift is the gift of hope" - Love,Pete & Judi Catania 
  • Larry Schween
  • Samuel & Mary Marrion
  • Barry & Anita Cuttress
In Honour of Milda Zawydiwski
  • Vanessa Zawydiwski & Len DiBartolomeo
In Honour of Tony & Cristina Iaccino
  • "Happy 40th Anniversary,With all our Love,Mom & Dad" - Antonio & Maria Colagiovanni
In Honour of the Newfoundland Fundraising Arm of Pancreatic Cancer Canada
  • Kevin Lewis
  • Islander RV Sales & Rentals
  • Nikki Davi
In Honour of the 2nd Annual Kathy's Run
  • Noralta Lodge Ltd D Torgerson
  • Ky Geddes
  • Michelle Symington
  • Safeway Pharmacy (Silver Sponsor)
In Honour of David Byers
  • "In honour of your Awesome Motorcycle Adventure and in memory of Robin and Leon" - Marcia Armstrong
In Honour of Mira Miller-Couillard
  • "Good Luck, we hope all this money will do a lot of good"- Karen Morton
In Honour of Bill Bryson
  • "Our best wishes for a full speedy recovery" - With Love, Barry & Carol Presement
In Honour of Katrina Davis
  • Katrea King
In Honour of Ève Marquis-Poulin
  • "Merci pour ton implication!" - Raymond Tozzi
In Honour of Nicole Lafrance
  • Emilie and Jacob Clermont
In Honour of Barry Harris
  • "I salute your strength and courage. You are a brave man" - Julie Beaulieu
In Honour of Olga Maykut
  • "We are your daughter-in-law Erminia's good friends and wish you the best as you get treatment" - Linda Johnson
In Honour of Ali Ghaddar
  • "May God bless your efforts" - Hassan Ghaddar
In Honour of Ray LeCouffe
  • "To Ray & Bonnie - Here's a Christmas toast to good friends, from Joanne & Peter
  • "You have my admiration for your courage and thanks for your friendship over all these years" - Cheryl Steer
In Honour of Patricia Brookbank
  • Pat Phillips
  • Mark Dover
  • Gunnar Kraag
  • John Gordon
  • Janet Banigan
  • Marianne Wood
  • Brad Robinson
  • G. Nettleton
  • Alan & Patricia Brookbank
  • Dudley Allan
  • "Good Luck with your fundraising efforts for Pancreatic Cancer Research" - Lillian Smith
  • "So happy to do this for you Pat and all the others" - E. Suzanne Halpenny
In Honour of Edward Pearl and In Memory of Gloria Pearl
  • "Happy 90th Birthday - With all our love and affection" - Doug, Brigitte, Adam and Eric Karpman
In Honour of Margaret Miller
  • "Keep up the fight mum. we are all pulling for you" - Sandy Mitchell

In Honour of Addison, Isabelle and Josephine Chalmers
  • "Congratulations to Addison, Isabelle, and Josephine on their baptism and an honor of grandmother Rhodelle" - Rose Watson
  • "Hope you grow up as beautiful and kind as your Grandmother" - Cathy and Peter Foreht
In Honour of Denise DeBernardi
  • "Happy Birthday to you!!" - Peggy Beauchamp
In Honour of Jan Rollins 90th Birthday
  • "Mazeltov on reaching this milestone. Happy 90th birthday!" - Peter & Fiona Solo
In Honour of Stephen Waissglass
  • Dorey Cohen
In Honour of Sam Taylor
  • "Happy 11th Birthday, Sam! Papa would be very proud of you!" - Jane Taylor
In Honour of Peg
  • " Peg Happy Birthday!I love to receive these kind of gifts. So I know you be pleased as well" - Love Denise
In Honour of Frank Mirarchi
  • E. Gagliano
  • Brenda Pyton
  • Virginia Mirarchi
  • Amato Mirarchi
  • Maria Mirarchi
  • Purie Cabreros
  • Gagnon & Brunet (S.E.N.C)
  • Decelles Investments (1996) Ltd.
  • Dora & Tony Di Iorio
  • Cathy D'Anna
  • Cristina Nardelli
  • Teresa Mirarchi
  • Silvia Mirarchi
In Honour of Pam Kosolofski
  • Bonnie Wells
  • Lillian Ryde
  • Katherine Ries
  • Kevin Johnston
  • Florence Sigouin
  • Elizabeth Bertram
  • Dawn Ritchie
  • Shannon Elaschuk
  • Deb & Rob Lindemann
  • John & Kathy Smith
  • David & Patti Hillacre
  • Lee & Don Harbicht
  • Michelle Brummund
  • Blair & Sharon Huard
  • Deb Lindemann
  • Patricia Johnston
  • Penny Faraday
  • Betty James
  • Wilma Hillacre
  • Rita & Lou Tessier
  • Trudy Bews
  • David Kosolofski
  • Bobbi Jo Brehm
  • Margaret & Cliff Olorenshaw
  • Annabelle Swinson
  • Linda Mohan
  • Glenys Getz
  • Dawn Ritchie
  • Cindy Kosolofski
  • Delmar Olfert
  • Gladys MacIntyre
  • Margaret & Glen Harrison
  • Floyd Siegle
  • Karen Serfas
In Honour of Larry Colotelo
  • "Good Friend Larry Good times past, present and future" - John Murray
In Honour of Dorothy Ayer
  • "A donation in honour of Dorothy, an inspirational survivor" - with much love from Carolyn and Andy Ayer
In Honour of Sheila Dodgeshon
  • “ To Sheila, mother, wife, daughter, niece who exemplifies strength and perseverance everyday” - from Cindy & Amanda
In Honour of Shirley Ewanchuk
  • Peggy Beauchamp
In Honour of Ted Migliarese
  • "Dear Halls, No gift could ever express how sincerely thankful I am for your friendship, kindness and hospitality. Happy Holidays and nothing but the absolute best for the new year in your new home" Lots of love, Tarryn Rudolph
In Honour of Helen Orton
  • Sophie Yalkezian
In Honour of Irma Robinson
  • "Wishing you a very happy 60th birthday & many more" - With Love, Peter, Fiona & Family
In Honour of Titika Mathioudaki
  • "In honour of my high school teacher" - Constantine Saridakis
In Honour of Eddie Elias
  • "Hope your birthday is as special as you are. Celebrate many many more in good health and happiness" - With love,Cyril, Carla, Sybil and family
In Honour of Nicole Baer
  • "For my sister on her 65th birthday - may she enjoy many more!" - Val Daigen
  • Madelaine Drohan
  • Warren Caragata
In Honour of Alice Margaret Lippert
  • "Continue your fight Mom and stay strong with the knowledge of all your family and friends praying for you and sending their love to intensify your strength and determination during this courageous battle of yours. Love Erick, Maggie and Becker
In Honour of Barb Armstrong
  • David and Carole Jones
In Honour of Matt and Megan Hotrum's Wedding
  • "I wish you a life filled with good health, happiness and prosperity" - Love Betty
In Honour of Jane Shoemaker and In Memory of Brenda Bowen
  • "In lieu of wedding favours at our June 2011 wedding" Love Laura Shoemaker-Chorney and Chad Chorney
In Honour of Julia Fox-Revett
  • "I wanted to support your walk and still donate to research what has been shown to be a more lethal form of cancer" Michael Raybould
In Honour of Susan & Garth Suppes
  • "Happy 25th Anniversary" Paul Budnick
In Honour of the family and friends of Ben and Nadeen
  • "We wish to thank our guests for attending our wedding reception. On your behalf we have made a donation to this worthy cause" - Betty Evans
In Honour of Marian Evans
  • Earl Evans Farms Ltd.
  • Rick & Murray Evans Farming Ltd.
  • R.H. Five Holdings Ltd.
  • Gary Holt
  • Ken Morrison
  • Don Shwetz
  • Mark Evans
  • Earl Evans Farms Ltd.
  • Rick & Murray Evans Farming Ltd.
  • "Keep up the fight, Marian. We are so proud of your efforts. Love you girl!" - Betty Evans
In Honour of Bucky
  • "Happy and healthy 90th to a beautiful lady. so pleased to be celebrating with you" - Cyril and Carla Levin
In Honour of Karen Oxorn
  • "Feliz dia!" - Philip Gosewich
In Honour of Del MacMillan
  • "From his neice, Mira, her 7th birthday fundraiser for her favourite Uncle who is diagnosed with pancreatric cancer and is undergoing treatment
In Honour of Stephen Weinberg
  • " Love you so much Stephen, you are my hero!!!!!  Stay positive & keep fighting!!!!! " - Judy Weinberg 
  • "To my cuz who has fought every day for almost 3 years against this insidious disease! We love you!" - Suri Weinberg
  • "You are a miracle ...love you cuz!" - Judy Weinberg
In Honour of Melissa and Mark Grimwood
  • "Mazel-tov on your wedding!"- Arlene Solomon
In Honour of Fiola Solo
  • "Celebrating you on your 60th birthday! May you enjoy many more years in good health" Irma Robinson
In Honour of Tom Frizzel
  • "In memory of a childhood friend and neighbour" - Gerrie Millington
In Honour of Jay and Cayla Solomon
  • "Mazel-Tov on your wedding" - Arlene Solomon
In Honour of Ellen Coady's Birthday and In Memory of her Uncle Richard Lafave
  • "Happy Birthday Ellen and its so nice of you to recognize this charity.  We have made a donation on your behalf"
  • Palma Catherine Burdon
  • Joanna Masotti
  • Emma Jazvac
  • Tracey Tanner
In Honour of Lila and Avi Bercovitch 50th Anniversary
  • Beverley Heitelman
In Honour of John Wiseman's Birthday
  • Philip Gosewich
In Honour of Debbie Moonlight
  • Kaye, Bruce and Les Smith
In Honour of Sandy Pearl
  • "Happy Big One!!!!!" - Joan Gelman and Donald Aronson -Soundbite Productions
In Honour of Barry Stein
  • "Happy 50th!! So that the future holds only celebrations for us to all share...Wishing all the best always" - Lori and Cary Luther
  • Christina Helen Crickard
  • Sheila White
  • DPH Focus Corporation
  • Marvin Tarek
  • Joe & Hilda Feimer
  • Brian & Dawn Potvin
  • Ed & Margaret Dragan
  • David & Annette Link
  • Debra Watson
  • Cathy Vanderwal
  • Shannon & Bob Huggett
  • Margie & David Pressey
  • Margaret Grimes
  • Charles & Sue Jackson
  • "In memory of a sweet, loving mother and grandmother" -Melanie, Corey, Kai, and Kody Olsen
  • Erin & Chris Knowles
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Anna Manor
  • Moms and Tots of Brighton, Inc
  • "We were lucky to have been able to work with Chris on various projects over the years.  No matter what the project she was always keen and enthused and we looked forward to working with her.  We are going to miss her" - NOVA Chemicals Calgary HR Team - Deb Jarvis
  • Alan and Christine Day
  • Robin Chamberlain
  • "Hi Adrienne.  Your mom worked for me for years in the HR department here at NOVA.  She was an absolute joy to work with, she worked hard and played hard.  We're going to miss her.  Our prayers are with your family at this very difficult time" - Kevin Watson
  • Anna Madajczuk
  • Carrie & Fred Maxim
  • "May this donation help in the early detection of this terrible form of Cancer on behalf of Chris" - Tony Pavli
  • "Sorry for your loss and you have my deepest sympathy" - Aaron McGhee
  • Jeff and Rhonda Emery
  • "You will always be in our hearts"  - Scott Randall
  • Brianna McKelvie
  • "In memory of a baseball team member, a golf buddy, and a great mother, someone very special who should still be with us" Maureen Steele
In Honour of Patricia Wiles
  • Frank Wiles
  • Patricia Clune
  • "In honour of a woman who has never shied away from a challenge - our thoughts and prayers are with you Aunt Pat" - Andrew Donavon
In Honour of Francis Latewood
  • Jennifer Ewing
In Honour of Carrie Ng Grace
  • "In honour & support of Carrie's "good fight." - On behalf of the bridal shower guests of Urmilla Sonja Dhani -Neesha Dhani
  • Opeyemi Adeleke
  • Akif Ghani
  • "Thanks for an inspiring and informative blog" - Margaret Procter
In Honour of Christina and Nicholas and their fundraising
  • Donna Vaseloff
In Honour of Darryl Kirkland
  • Manulife Financial-United Way Admin
  • "Keep up the good fight. Your nephews still have more to learn from you" - Andrea and Alex Panhuis
In Honour of Bill Eliuk
  • Raye Eliuk
  • Scott Eliuk
In Honour of Dr. Cleary & Dr. Moore
  • "In honour of Dr. Cleary of Toronto General and Dr. Malcolm Moore of Princess Margaret" - Robert Elliot
In Honour of Mary Young
  • "A wonderful mother who won her battle with pancreatic cancer" - Cory Young
In Honour of Mary Aileen Weekes
  • Joanne, Tom, Maureen, and Don/ The Estate of Mary Aileen Weekes
  • Don Weekes and co-workers
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ted Donnelly
  • Debra Myshynuik
  • Randy Kormos
  • Debbie Lone
  • Rick & Sharon Monson
  • Fran Weekes and her co-workers
  • "My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time" - Sincerely Sandra Stupak
  • Jean Olson
  • "Our memories will live on in our hearts forever.  Don and I will always remember that last painful day where we held your hands and watched you take your last breath.  May you rest in peace" - Maureen & Rick Donnelly
  • Bradford Lea
  • Deb Schellenberger
  • "So very sorry to hear about the loss of your mother.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you" -Deb & Len Hallowes
  • Gordon & Sandy Harland
  • "Hope your final days in the hospice are as painless as possible" - Love from your son Donald, a 6-year testicular cancer survivor
In Honour of Judith Moore
  • Maria Marcu
  • Samantha Crowell
In Honour of Annie Tam
  • Amy Chow
In Honour of Patricia Stevens
  • "This is for my grandma who is undergoing chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. I had a twoonie party for my sixth birthday, and am donating my money to help find a cure to save my grandma" - Love Angus McClaren
In Honour of Brian Wilkinson
  • Brian and Elaine Wilkinson
  • "To support Brian's fight" - Tammy King
In Honour of Penny Austin
  • " Five years ago today... Penny was operated on for Pancreatic Cancer..She is still cancer free" - Jon Austin
  •  Jon Austin
In Honour of Libby Znaimer
  • "What a great lady and there is no better spokesperson for this great charity and cause" - Michael Downey
In Honour of April Keyes
  • "You are an inspiration.Graham and I think of you often and hope that your time at our Mer de Glace condo in Tremblant brings you pleasure when you think of the  view over Lac Mercier and the people who shared it.  Best regards, Sandra....
  • "April - everyday, and in all you do you, continue to inspire. Keep fighting girl! You are in our hearts and prayers. Love Robin and David Brushey
  • " Friends of your sister, Praying for your recovery" - Pamela Miller
  • "Go for it, girl! Sit back and relax at some point soon. Much love" - Judy Hodgson
  • "Love and Pride" - Uncle John
  • Carmen Austrup
  • Cassandra Rodgers
  • Purple Party in Memory of Carl Walker
  • Gerry Gordon' s Mazda
  • Enns Brothers
  • Cypher International Ltd.
  • John Verogus
  • Northwest Company
  • Winnipeg Building & Decorating Ltd.
  • James Dube Spraggs
  • Michael & Bonnie Silver
  • Jennifer Walker
  • Christina Walker
  • Alison Fisher
  • Shirley Hill
  • Steven Suche
  • Donation Anonymous Cash
  • Niki Robertson
  • Al D.Reimer
  • Mignon North  Payworks
  • Fort Rouge Auto Centre Inc .
  • Caroline Walker
  • Lindsay Frasear-Laidlaw
  • Samantha Dean
  • Trudy Tuhkanen
  • John Tuhkanen
In Honour of Karrin Person
  • Janina & John Kraus
  • Sandra & Thomas MacMillan
  • Karin & Dick Persson
  • Evan Thomas
  • Karen Staunton
  • Robert & Carol Florence
  • Heather Avery
  • James & Caroll Coghlan
In Honour of Kathy Ferguson
  • Kim & Gerry Case
In Celebration of Patricia Marshall's 85th Birthday

  • Peter, Sharon, Glenn & Kenneth Marshall
In Honour of Lindsay Gordon's 60th Birthday
  • Dr. & Mrs. D Matthews
In Honour of Bernard Sliwin
  • Alissa Rappaport
  • Gary Grundman
  • Noah Sliwin
In Honour of Tiffany Walker
  • Trudy Tuhkanen 
In Honour of Helen Peters
  • "To the Peters Family, Your mom was a very special lady who touched many lives. May you be comforted and find peace at this time " - Love The Hubbers
  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with you"- HCESC
  • Janis Fehr c/o Western Management Staff
  • Chinook Care Centre, Brentwood Care Centre, Southwood Care Centre
  • Sherry, Gary, Gayle & Darrell Ikert
In Honour of Dan McClean and Katie McClean's Fundraising efforts in the Chicago Marathon
  • Mark Riesmeyer
  • Pete Tedesco
  • Dan & Katie McClean
  • Matthew Jacobson
  • Argentina & Dorin Parasca
  • Jori Deegan
  • Leighton Brady
  • Michael Meyer 
  • William Neenan
  • Justin Foley
  • Meghan & Steve Rak
  • Denise Wilson
  • Brian Gelber
  • Kathleen & Dan Devine
  • Laura Petry
  • Maren Baker
  • Mike & Linda Gillick
  • Richard Milligan
  • Jane Thertell
  • Bill Wernecke
  • Jocelyn Hurley
  • Helen Han & Ted Cushing
  • Judy MacInnis
  • Elizabeth Bender 
  • Megan Thomas
  • Elizabeth McClean
  • Dan & Donna Petry
  • Ellen & Bryan Kenkel
  • Sonya & David Agnew  
  • Susan Specia
  • Stephanie Specia
  • Kat & Madison Corden
  • Catherine Schiavone
  • Peggy Braman
  • Paula Demacio
  • Burke Family
  • Kelly Imig
  • Michael Petit
  • Erica Zandona
  • Peter Ferguson
  • Jennifer l. & Lynn M Gillick
  • Brittany M. & Lynn M.Gillick
  • Raymond B. & Violet M.Gillick
  • Jason C. Gillick
  • Lynn M & Raymond B Gillick Jr.
  • Jane & Stanley Marschner
  • Sonya Paisley
  • Aliza Finn-Welch
  • Jeffrey Ware
  • Amy Clemente
  • Kelly Imig
In Honour of Libby Znaimer and Doug Goold 20th Anniversary
  • Donald Reiser
In Honour of Claudio Hamburger
  • Carmen Maldonado
  • Alykhan Manji
  • Lydia Maldonado
In Honour of Johanna O'Reilly
  • John Cundill
  • Aqueduct Foundation
In Honour of Gail & Arnold Gannon
  • Jenny Gannon - "Together they have been fighting a good fight. May you enjoy another christmas with us Dad"

In Honour of Dr. Michael Moser
  • Rabbi & Mrs. Roger Pavey

In Honour of Joan Rotenberg’s 80th Birthday, September 2009
  • Claudio & Lydia Maldonado
In Honour of Hannah Koenig
  • Jessica Thompson & Zac Gent
In Honour of Dr. Duncan A. Ferguson
  • Joanne Gallinger-Duffy
In Honour of Jack McKee
  • Nancy Jobbitt
In Honour of Dan Pitt’s Birthday
  • Betty Aldridge
In Honour of Bernie Bradford
  • Jennifer Pearcey... fighting pancreatic cancer
In Honour of Mike Bilodeau
  • Betty Aldridge
  • Mike Bilodeau - help find a cure. I'm a survivor but for how long...
In honour of Ed Helmus
  • "Ed, your courage and strength are an inspiration to us all.  May hope today find a cure tomorrow, So until that tomorrow arrives, stay strong; stay brave; and know that all of us are by your side on this journey.  It is with much love and continued hope that we make this donation in your honour." Sincerely, your friends and team-mates at Hot Diggity Dogs Flyball Club and all of your friends and supporters in Region 2 and 20.


IN honour of Charna and Manny Young
  • "Mazel-tov to you both.  Look forward to celebrating your 195 wonderful years" Phyllis Yaphe
In honour of Morty Goren
  • Lindsay and Adam Gilbert
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