Remembering a loved one ...


Online tributes are becoming more and more common; they are a wonderful way for family and friends to share their special stories and memories. As time goes on, these memories will provide a sense of comfort

If you have lost a loved one and want to share your story, we invite you to do so here.


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Tribute Stories


Dragica Nikolic >

Bill Martineau >

Claudette Ducharme >

John Creswick >

Bernard Richardson >

Aksel Jensen >

Nancy Metcalfe >

Where you begin >

For Rob >

Charlotte Kapusta-Miller >                                                           

Col. Carl Walker  >                                                      

Patty Wiles  > 

Bob Wilson  >                                                                                                                    

Robert Cundill  >

Christine Elizabeth Denischuk  >

Margherita Catherine Auton >                                                                                               

William Harry Eliuk  >

Patricia Corbett  >

Michael Ronald Hooper  >

Sheila Kirpalani  >

Taly Weiss  >

Roger John Marsden  >

Christine Ann Ashworth Morden  >

Vince Parliament  >

Richard Valcourt  >

Brad Schram  > 

Leah Louise Polischuk >

Timothy Perrier  > 

Doreen Hiron  >

Rehab El Sabini  >

Brenda Joyce Ann Bolen  >




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