2015 Wall of Memories ... Le Mur du souvenir de 2015
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Remembering those we have recently lost / À la mémoire de ceux que nous avons perdus

Names below are listed in alphabetical order according to the last name. When you click on a specific name, you will be routed to that person's name on the tribute portion of this page.

Les noms sont présentés par ordre alphabétique de nom de famille. Lorsque vous cliquez sur un nom, vous serez redirigé vers le nom de la personne dans la partie hommage de cette page. 


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Antonino Amato
Sonya Nessa Ackerman
Dorothy Aldridge
Philip Angel
Joanne Annendale

David (Bryce) Balson
Donald Joseph Beaton
Nelson Beattie
Martin Beitel
David Ben-Reuven
Sharon Bergen
Sergio Bertossi
Sandy Beveridge
Faisal Bhanji
Jerry Billingsley
Micheline Blais
Marline Blake
Glen Blanchard
Delia Y Blassnig
Eva Bonellos
Harry Boles
Teddy Bortkiewicz
Margaret Bourque
Donna Brennan
Mark Browning
Peter Brunner
Lori Bryans
Bill Bryson
William S.G. "Bill" Buck
Martin Beitel
Peter F Buehler
Bob Bundscho
Roy Burke
Bryan Burtch
Judith Nicki Butler
Kathy Butterwick

Hortensia Mihalas Cajal
Giovanni Calabrese
Colores Calliauw
Luigi Campagna
Sue Cannon
Mike Cardell
Gina Carmosino
Debbie Castle
Eta Chaim
Theresa Ellen Christenson
William Clahane
Bob Clark
Patrick David Clinansmith
Rodney Collier
Gertrude Cooper
Ernest Couperthwaite
Gene Crane
Hugh Critchley
Josephine L Crossland
Antonio Curcio
Ostea Curti

Janet Daly
Renee Daniel
Glenn Davies
Ann DeLuca
Tony deLuca
Tasia Derzekos
Dave Dhillon
Sandee Dicks
James Malcolm Dickson
Jack Dier
Barb Dodge
Panagiotis Doganoglu
Chris Donovan
Gaynell Dowling
Ann Duermeyer
Jocelyne Dupuis-Thomas
Bob Dyer
Sylvia Dworkin

Louis Edwards
Graham Elliott
Roy Empey
Margaret Engholm
Helmut Enser
Robert Erickson
John Evans

Carmela Fabiano
Dan Falvey
Ruth Farb
Larry Faseruk
Tony Ficuciello
Gilles Filion
Guy Fillion
Kay Findall
Mary Finstad
Jerry Fisher
Maria Elena Flores
Norman Fowlow
Eugene Francavilla
Maria Franscescut
Mary Franchuk
Muriel Fries
Naomi Lynn Friesen
Aron Froese

Jean-Claude Gagnon
Victoria Gaspari
Narina Gattoni
Louise Ghazali
Denise Tremblay Ghirotto
John Marshall Gibson
Margaret Ann Gidney
Andrew Gillespie
Brian Gillespie
Kovijka Glusica
Clifford Arthur Goodyear
Lynn Gowin
Ingeborg Grams

Claire Grant
Ciriaco Granato

Jennifer Haines
David Hagerman
Hassan Hamedani
Elmer Harke
Lila Hartwig
Betty Hartwright
Brad Haynes
Brad Henderson
Kaarl (Karl) Hill
Janet Hiltz
Deloris Holowka
Elin Horton
John Hou
Arthur Howden
Millie Huculak
Faye Humphrey

Chris Ivan
Hiromi Izuka

Albert Eustace Isaacs

Lise Laberge
Albert Ladouceur
Frank Lalonde
Jean-Marc Landreville
Jack Langdon
Marie Lapointe
Mearle Larocque
Arlene Latto-Bobcaygron
Cindy Lauwereys
Margaret Lavender
Christopher Lawton
Anne LeCouffe
Kenneth John Leask
Debra Lenahan
Esau Lewin
Marilyn Lewis-Steer
Jane Lindsay
Sharon Litke
Doreen Little
John Linscott
Yvonne Lloyd
David Loe
Janusz Lokaj
Mate Luketic
Dr. Peter Lusztig
Leon Lux

Angus John MacDonald
Angus "Gus" MacDonald
Brenda Lee MacDonald
Pam MacDonald
Bob MacKay
Keith MacKenzie
Michael MacSween
Jun Mamaril
Esio Marzotto
Dr. Ronald Masotti
Marsha Massie
Robert Masterton
Nicholas Mastromonico
Pearl Marcus
Richard Matthewman
Audrey McAllum
Sharon McDonald
Carol McKinley
Carol McLeod
Monique Meloche
Catherine Meneses
Peter Meucci
Don Miller
Frank Mirarchi
Diane Mitchell
Terry Mitchell
Keith Moffett
Ved Mohan
Betsy Moore
Mas Morimoto
Patricia Ledden Morlock
Don Muio
Marilyn Murray
Sergio Muto
Victor Mykitiuk

Dick Nelson
Keith Nielsen
Dave Nicol
Suzette Noel
Marlene Noels
Brian Nowell
Marlene Louise Nyilassy

Norbert Gunter Oligmueller
Frank O'Neil
Rod Ostowy

Jane Padwick
Marcelle Paradis
Graham Parry
John Pastore
Maxwell Patten
Nancy Percival
Saul Perelman
Jay Pillo
Douglas Pinkney
Kevin Porter
Richard Purdy

Marie Bertini Quattrocchie

Claude Rabbat
Mildred Ram
Giuseppina Raso
Alfredo Reyes
Sandra Riddell
Laverne Roberts
Robert Roskell
Alice Rossignol
Claude Roy
Gaetan Roy
Jerry Rubacha
Evelyn Rutledge
Tony Rykenhuizen

Graziano Saluri
Ermando Salvati
Carman Sararas
Rick Scott
Harry Lynn Scott
Mark Schiebler
Brad Schram
Jan Schween
Joanne Seavey
Tony Seuret
Heather Sheridan
Brian Shumka
Norm Siegel
Colin Silcox
Carol Ann Silverman
William Silverman
Greg Simpson
Willijane Simons
Elsie Smart
Helen Smethurst
Jeanne Endom Smith
Bill Smith
Paul Smith
Karen Sokolik
Pauline Spehner
Marsha Sperling
Anna Stampacchia
Dr. Jack Stein
Melissa Stein
Allen Stephens
Tony Sterk
Helmut Stocker
Louise Stott

Patricia Tait
Jaremy Rae Tallentire
Gerardus Talsma
Joel Andrew Taylor
Ida Tersigni
Jocelyne Thomas
Michael Thompson
Maureen Tobin
Dave Tory
Ada Tripudio
Yvette Trumbla
Eleftheria Tsihlias

Katherine Un

Henk Van Dooren
Patricia Vanderheuvel
John Peter van Haastrecht, Jr.
Ronald James Veasey
David Vienneau

David Waddell
David Scott Walker
John Wallace
Dave Ward
Mary Aileen Weekes
Edgar Weinheimer
Bob White
Beverley Wilford
Dr. Diana Willis
Lloyd Wilson
Mary Wilson

Jane Ai-Chen Yang
Muriel Yates
Alana Yorke-Hardy
James Robert (Bob) Young

Demitrios Zaravinos
Panagiota Zeis


In Memory of
 / À la mémoire de

Wendy Keenan

  • "Our prayers are with you at this time." - Lisa Lansdowne-iggin
  • Toronto Beaches Jr. A Lacrosse
  • "To the Keenan family, We continue to feel Wendy's spirit when we proudly see her flag and watch Ryan represent QU. With love and heartfelt consideration, the Quinnipiac University Lacross Parents" Karen Corcoran
  • Lorrie Stinson
  • "This gift is emphatically given in honour of Ms. Keenan by the Detroit Country Day School Lacrosse Program as part of The Hill Academy Spring Classic.  Keep fighting the good fight." Ross Cooper
  • Charlene Gallagher
  • Tamra Tran
  • Major John Henry
  • James & Jill Cox
  • Karen Corcoran
  • Susan Weldon
  • Deborah Burgdorf
  • Michelle Lenaghan
  • Gregory French
  • Barbara Howson
  • Gail Cockburn
  • Lorna Ravary
  • Koula M Barlow
  • Pat & Bob Reid
  • Ray Koss
  • Linda and Quinn Sutherland
  • Shirley Keenan
  • Edward & Gail Dumphy
  • Gwen and Greg Winter
  • James and Catherine Howson
  • Julia and Shaun Herron
  • Nan and Stanley Moffatt
  • Fidel Smith and Marilyn Jones
  • Pat & Bob Allan
  • fred Greenwood
  • Brent Clemens
  • Barbara Borchuk
  • Joanne Darroch
  • Joan Vesey
  • Robert Keenan
  • Monica Cockerton
  • Carol Ann Smart
  • Peter Nalipa
  • H.M.Van Wees
  • Pamela Killens
  • jacquelilne Wells
  • Barbara Panowyk
  • Tracey Keenan
  • Juliet Ravary
  • Ross Keenan
  • Dario Castellan
  • Jeffrey Stewart
  • John Sauve
  • Mark Ristow
  • Grace Clark
  • Michele Desveaux
  • "Thinking of Wendy's family at this sad time" Shelley Doughty
  • Stuart Michieli
  • "We are thinking of you during these difficult times.  Please accept our heartfelt condolences." Stephanie Keenan
  • "A donation has been made in honour of Wendy's memory" Sandra Black
  • "We are so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you during these hard times and all the hard times ahead." Kathryn Bennett
  • Elizabeth Thompson
  • "Wendy was a brave fighter, an inspiration for all of us!" Margaret Jones
  • "We are truly saddened to hear of Wendy's passing.  OUr thoughts and prayers are with you and dyour family." Robert Elliott
  • "In loving memory of Wendy Keenan, a truly beautiful lacrosse mom" Rebecca Kendall
  • John Arlotta
  • "We will miss you Wendy, Gone too soon!" Greg Platt
  • Professional Lacrosse Players Association
  • "I am very sad to lose Wendy after her brave battle.  She was a great and loving spirit and I grieve with and pray for Wendy and her fammily.  May peace, love and wonderful memories stay with you all"  Natalie Mauney
  • "Our deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved wife, Wendy." Theresa & Lorne Briscoe
  • Gerry Keenan
  • "Deepest sympathy from Regional Chair Anderson, Councillors & Staff of the Region of Durham" Roger Anderson
  • "So truly sorry for your loss" Margaret Duff
  • Mike Schafer
  • "We are never prepared for the loss of a loved one, but God's grace and mercy are new every morning.  He is faithful in times of grief and He, with His Word, will strengthen you in the days ahead.  Keeping you, Kianna, Ryan and extended family in prayer" Cindy Urban
  • Kyle Dubas
  • "In memory of a beautiful, vibrant soul" Debbie Pons
  • Virginia Larkin
  • "Sadly missed but will live on in many hearts" Karen Graham
  • "Our condolences to the family." Brad E Hossack
  • Tina and Al Gratton
  • "Our deepest sympathy to you all from Don & Carole, Rob & Kari, Kerry & Jodi and families"
  • David Harrison
  • Helen Gormley
  • "Remembering a wonderful daughter, sister, mother and wife" Cathy Groom
  • Joan Reed
  • "I am so sorry for your loss.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family" Elaine Goldthwaite
  • "With deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to Wendy's entire family" Gregory Springer
  • "Brave, strong, loving and caring.  That was Wendy.  Her light will never be extinguished." Susan Scarlett
  • Elizabeth Ells
  • Wendy Cuthbert
  • Mike Mowat
  • Catharine Fairweather
  • Suzanne Teleki
  • "Derek and Kianna: Our thoughts are with you and your family.  We have very fond memories of visiting with Wendy at the lacrosse field and we hope that he memories will be a blessing for you." Sincerely, Caroline & Sarah Konecny

William (Bill) Smith

  • In Memory of William (Bill) Smith - He's left our lives he but will live forever in our Hearts and memories - Ron & Tania Jervis

Faisal Bhanji

  • In Loving Memory of Faisal Bhanji  ... "You can shed tears that he is gone. Or you can smile because he has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that he’ll come back. Or you can open your eyes and see all he’s left. Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him. Or you can be full of love you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday. Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember home and only that he’s gone. Or you can cherish his memory and live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back, Or you can do what he’d want. Smile, and open your eyes, love and go on. Gone but not forgotten" - From your TMSIB Family

Mate Luketic

  • "In memory of my loving husband. I miss you" - Ingred Luketic

Marlene Noels

  • "In memory of a very strong, brave woman who fought so very hard to beat this... Marlene will be lovingly forever remembered by her wonderful family and friends..." - Tanya Eklund

Aksel Jensen

  • Missing our life together" Ketty Jensen

Antonio Amato

  • "May you rest in peace" Angela & Francis Macri
  • Mary Cellamare
  • Nick Cellamare
  • Frank Pantaleo
  • Mirella Grasso
  • Francesca Santeramo

Don Muio

  • The Muio Family

Brian Shumka

  • "My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time." Nevelda Sands
  • "Hopefully others may benefit from early detection." Lucille Rybuck
  • "We are sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family"

Carmela Fabiano

  • Jodi Morelli

Chris Ivan

  • Richard Koo
  • Maureen Ivan
  • Leslie Murray
  • Margaret Nelson
  • "to a great guy" Ron Matyas
  • Gwendolyn Prillo
  • Bayne & Sue Melrose
  • Bill & Darlene Melrose
  • Wade, Lori, Braydon & Ashton Harris
  • Mark, Nicole and Lana Melrose
  • Chad, Adena, Ethan, Kamryn & Kennedy Rothenburger
  • Lucille Murray
  • James Ikkers
  • Mike Laporte
  • Joanne Dowdell

Claire Grant

  • Kimberly Hrycko
  • "Honouring and remembering my dear Aunt Claire" Christy Barber

Dr. Jack Stein

  • "With our deepest sympathy to you and your family" John & Muriel Brunner

Graham Elliott

  • Sharon Fisher
  • CUPE Local 737
  • Sharon Forster
  • Olive May Elliott
  • Arthur Godfrey
  • Joan Gloor
  • Lorna Elliott
  • John Irvine

Jennifer Allisyn Haines

  • Sheila McManus

Jennifer Johnson

  • "So sorry to hear about your loss" Brian Simon

John Peter van Haastrecht Jr

  • "Truth, Duty, Valour. Forever in our hearts" from your colleagues at the Royal Military College of Canada
  • "A wonderful person I was honoured to have met"  Paul Adam
  • Nella Contardi
  • Fran Windischmann
  • Charlie Vincent
  • Colleen Hutchinson
  • Linda Lees
  • Robert Pachal RMC 66
  • Hugh Phelan
  • "Our sincere condolences.  John will be missed.  He was a true warrior" Laurie & Jim Ellies & Paul and Leo Larocque
  • Karen Windischmann
  • "Always my champion & mentor" Elisabeth Aldridge
  • Michael Homburger
  • Wendy & Pete Martin
  • David Malach
  • James Kempson
  • William Scott Sinclair
  • "Missing John. Such a generous person" Graham Smith
  • Louise Deslauriers
  • "We are so sorry for your loss.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you both and your families" Love from the Vezinas
  • "We would like to express our condolences to the family.  We share the loss of a man with whom we had a long term relationship.  He was a shrewd businessman, a thinking philanthropist, and a keen family man." Joel Rubinovich and Sheldon Shoib
  • "Rest in peace my dear brother" Peter & Linda van Haastrecht
  • Michelle & Duncan Baird
  • Mary Beth Roulston
  • "We are deeply saddened with the passing of our friend John, a great guy who loved his family" Jim and Wendy Orfanakos
  • Marcia Armstrong & 7040 Andrew Payer (RMC Class of '66)
  • Steven Messinger
  • "Condolences from the Taylor family" Paul, Deby and Owen
  • "The world has lost a wonderful man" Francis Thomas
  • Gary Saifer
  • "I regret that Vince and I never had the chance to know John personally.  Marty and Jodi have spoken highly of him often.  Our thoughts are with you." Danna Campanale
  • "We would like to express our sorrow and condolences upon hearing of your brother's passing. - Remembering John's generosity and his gift for putting others at ease..." Marilee Morelli
  • "Thinking of you" Terry & Gail Richardson
  • "He was a wonderful father and will be missed by many of the people that loved him very much" Jenny Shealy
  • "To my Boss, my Mentor, and my Friend.  I will forever remember you.  Thank you for being part of my life.  Our deepest sympathies." Jay & Marta Camacho
  • "John was an exceptional individual. I am really sad to hear of his passing.  My prayers are with you." Andy Chabot
  • Nancy Lennon
  • Jodi & Marty Morelli
  • John Peckitt
  • "Beth and family - so very sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts are with you." Jill Farrow and Gord Adamson
  • Matthew Richardson
  • Che van Haastrecht
  • Rhonda Howie
  • "In loving memory. We will remember John as a man who loved life, a wonderful host and a very dear relative" Marjolein van Schravendijk
  • "In memory of a special friend" Harry Rannala
  • Deborah and Daniel Pitt
  • Maire and Bryan Adamson

Paul Russell Smith

  • Smita Kamath
  • Canada Life Assurance Company Employee Benefits D158
  • "We miss him everyday! We have been so blessed to have had him as a father, father-in-law and grandfather.  Mom, you are in our thoughts and prayers always as you live your life without your one and only wonderful husband" Leslie and Craig Clendenning
  • Regina Hammond
  • Andrew Royko
  • Rose Mullally
  • Linda Luker
  • "May Paul rest in the peace and satisfaction of having lived a full and loving life" Richard Gignac
  • "My heartfelt condolences to you and your family" Deb Kohlsmith
  • "We are so very sorry for your loss"  love Dale and Gary Weir

Robert Erickson

  • Toronto Police Services employee Benefits Unit
  • B. Erickson
  • Toronto Police Services Staff Planning
  • Dana Styra for A&QA members
  • Jim & Jeanette McMaster
  • Howard Furness
  • Anna & Mickey Guertin
  • "In loving memory. You will forever live on in the memories of your family and loved ones" Andrea Vlachos
  • "Our deepest thoughts are with you and your family" Sara Katz
  • "We will all miss you Bob! Especially your best buddy and pal!" Jason McMaster

Muriel Kathleen Yates

  • "Mom it was hard to see you suffer but now youare at peace.  Your strength, hope, and joy for life was truly amazing and an inspiration to us all" Sharon Lambert
  • Margaret Flett
  • Bergithe Jones
  • M.J. Servais
  • June Wesley
  • Hilton Robinson
  • John Yates

Rick Scott

  • "Dad, as promised to you, we will work hard to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer." Jamie Scott

Sandy Beveridge

  • Richard Goepel
  • Kristine All
  • "We are so sorry for your loss and are honoured to be attending the memorial service and learning moe about the life of a remarkable man" Lana James
  • Mona Chan
  • James Breakey
  • BC Centre for Elder Advocacy
  • Anne Beveridge
  • "We still cannot believe this sad news. Sandy was very special and you will all miss him terribly.  Thank goodness for wonderful memories. You are in our thoughts and prayers." Val & Ian Sneddon
  • Graham Rubeli
  • "Our condolences on the passing of your father.  Our thoughts are with you." Janine Kroser

Anna Stampacchia

  • Giovanni Stampacchia

Tony Ficuciello

  • Claudio & Wendy Ficuciello
  • Jacqueline Kasala
  • Susan Cerro
  • Steven & Beverly Pavan
  • Nick Perri
  • Maria DiPlacido
  • Marco and Nancy Marcello
  • Connie Grossi
  • Antoinetta Foscoli
  • Ingrid Nanfara
  • Maria Santucci
  • Gaetano Ianiosca
  • Douglas McKague
  • Dora Matera
  • Gabriella Davis
  • Nick Greco
  • Rita Uccello
  • John & Georgia Christofides
  • Frank Franchino
  • Ivana Mischianti
  • Leandro Maria Boin
  • Nick Sacco
  • Bev Fry
  • Claudia Bresar
  • "Dearest brother-in-law and friend - you made this world a brighter place , we will miss your wonderful smile and your hearty laugh.  You will always be in our hearts xo" Anne McMahon

Ved Mohan

  • Marty Morelli

Cindy Lauwereys

  • "In memory of the most beautiful, loving, kind, and inspiring mom" Christina Sheeler

Gaeten Roy

  • Paule Lussier
  • "Salutations mon ami!" Jean Ruel
  • Diane Hamel
  • Chantal Royer
  • Richard L'Heureux
  • Caisse Populaire Desjardins de Charlesbourg
  • Ginette Poulin
  • Manon Levesque
  • Daniel Bouchard
  • Sylvie Beaupre

Ida Tersigni

  • Antonella Regini
  • A.Tersigni
  • Danny Bilko
  • Fernando Spalvieri
  • Grace Mandarino
  • Christina Iannuzzi
  • Maria Buson
  • Joanne Ciurello
  • Josephine Carinci

Ingeborg Grams

  • Terence Murphy

Jane Ai-Chen Yang

  • Hans & Nancy Thunem

Mas Morimoto

  • Heinz Kern

Glen Blanchard

  • Stan & Denise Wilson

Frank Mirarchi

  • Silvia Mirarchi

Philip Angel

  • Karen McCarthy

Roy Burke

  • Doris MacSween

Dave Dhillon

  • "In memory of my husband,, Dave Dhillon, who lost his battle to pancreatic cancer" Parvinder Dhillon

Dorothea Aldridge

  • Deborah & Daniel Pitt
  • Canada Life Assurance Company Employee Benefits D158

Gene Crane

  • "For my dear Husband, love of my life and my best friend.  I will always adore you and hold you deep within my heart" Grace Crane

Hugh Critchley

  • "In Hugh's memory, he will be missed." Alfred Rayment

Louise Ghazali

  • Douglas C Cryderman

Martin Beitel

  • Tara Beitel

Peter Brunner

  • "A true friend taken from us far too soon" Ross & Janet Wood
  • Louanne Davey
  • Murray & Marian Hay
  • Mike & Paula Mears
  • Tim Mears
  • Heather Mears
  • Christine Richards
  • "On behalf of the Edmonton Rail Terminal Team, our condolences to Peter's family.  He will be greatly missed" Laurie Allen
  • "Pete was such a generous soul, always offering support to others and hospitality abounding.  He was taken from his family at the young age of 55.  He will always be remembered fondly." Mary Lou DeLong

Theresa Ellen Christensen

  • "May the memory of your mother's faith and courage in the face of adversity and suffering benefit others affected by pancreatic cancer" Kaitlin Kennedy

Tony DeLuca

  • Pauline Wingle-Land

Victor Mykitiuk

  • "Our thoughts and hearts are with you and your family" from all of ISS
  • Jane & Tony Halisky
  • "Sending our love and hugs to you" Rachel Nisker & kids
  • Barbara Ono
  • Pauline Zukiwsky
  • Christine Macken
  • Lynn Howard
  • Patricia McGeachy
  • Ethel Siemko
  • Ivan & Maureen Turko
  • William Kuzlw
  • Elaine MacMillan
  • Albert Simon
  • Joyce Albers
  • Avrielle Huot
  • Lance Glowitski
  • "Vic, we know a lake exists, in heavens grand design, where once again you'll feel the thrill of tugging on your line" Bob & Rose Egland
  • "With deepest sympathy" Marie Tauber
  • Jodi & Mike Wilkie
  • Edna & Eugene Onyskiw
  • "All our love" Vicky, Nicole and Carson Osolinsky
  • Robert Everett
  • "Our prayers are with you and your family" Richard Whitehouse
  • Arthur & Gladys Matheson
  • Doris Lunn

Ronald James Veasey

  • "You put up an amazing fight, Ron.  Sorry you lost the battle" Gay Bercov

Pam MacDonald

  • "We love you with all our hearts.  You will be truly missed." Jeanette MacDonald
  • Roxanne Lockhart
  • Earl Sampson
  • Donna Sampson
  • Tanya Nowe
  • "Our deepest condolences in your loss.  Pam will be greatly missed." Sharla, David, Thomas & Joseph Hart

Denise Temblay Ghirotto

  • "Les membres de l'Atelier d"Aquarelle le Partage offrent toutes leurs sympathies a M. Fhirotto, ses enfants ainsi qu'aux membres de toute sa famille." Michelle Verville

Janet Daly

  • Sheila Daly

Chris Donovan

  • Suzanne Arnold
  • Ruth Clarke

Brian Nowell

  • "In memory of the most amazing man I have ever known.  A hero till the end and beyond.  Forever in my heart poppa." Allison Nowell

Marlene Louise Nyilassy

  • "In honour of your beautiful friend who demonstrated strength and courage"  Love Adam & Megan Olson
  • Doreen Krowchuk
  • "With deepest sympathies" Ed Pitoniak
  • Beverly Russell
  • Mary Ann Millar
  • Marguerite Marlatt
  • Donna Artuso
  • Edward J Dato
  • Marilyn Dyczkowski
  • Margaret Barnard
  • Ann Allen
  • Charlotte Copeland
  • Allan Kimberley
  • Anita Roberts
  • Elizabeth Stark
  • James S. Hilton
  • Betty Kloc
  • Juanita Zereeski
  • Kevin Leon
  • Daniel Lemay
  • "My thoughts are with all the family" Moay Tawse
  • "Memories forever" Jon Hagan
  • James & Linda Kenney
  • Rick & Susan Matheson
  • Jump Communications Inc
  • T. Dumont
  • John Fedchun
  • Paul Krowchuk
  • Jane Marshall
  • Sheila Gayman
  • Tim Gayman
  • Colleen Lathan
  • Olga Kowal
  • Stephen Kowal
  • Kathryn Kowal
  • Judy Fountain
  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with all your family at this sad time" Laurie Johnston
  • "My thoughts are with you during this difficult time." Jeff Appleby
  • Wayne Moroz
  • "You will always be in our thoughts.  Too young, too young." Ronald T. Moore
  • Michael Young
  • Kim Mitchell
  • David Wren
  • Susan Robichaud
  • Kevin Ker
  • "You put up a great fight. You made us very proud." P&E team - Nelson Education Ltd.
  • "I've been told that no one ever dies as long as they took the time to leave us with fond memories.  I am positive Marlene left many, many fond memories for you" Anna Chow
  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.  Our sincere condolences." Your friends at Alta Vista
  • Salim Surani
  • "We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept our sincere condolences" Jonathan Li
  • Jennifer MacFarlane
  • Paul Marsh
  • "In honour of a special woman who lived her life in such a bivrant way and was always so kind to us.  May she rest in peace." Darren & Sharon Schmidt
  • Andrew Phillips
  • "In memory of your courageous fight" David Robins
  • "Our deepest sympathy.  Marlene will be deeply missed.  She was an amazing person" Lots of love Barb and Martin Worndl
  • Therese Killeen
  • Catherine Mancuso
  • "Marlene, a truly brave and heroic woman" Donna Fedorkow
  • "In honour of our wonderful friend, Marlene" Sue and Jim Ernst
  • Chris Besse
  • David Blevins
  • "Our most sincere condolences." Lorraine Andrews 
  • L. Burnside
  • Mary Sitarski
  • Mike Moroz
  • "With heartfelt condolences from Steve Graham, Steve Suske, John Woods and Carol Jamieson"
  • Jeannette Golletz
  • Jane McGinn
  • "Our most heartfelt syhmpathies go out to the Nyilassy family during this difficult time." Cole Kroch
  • "Rest in Peace" Yvonne Lewanski
  • Paul Barnard
  • "Sincere condolences and with deepest sympathy from your friends and colleagues in Real Estate, CIBC" Mark Johnson
  • "We are extremely blessed to have known you. Kindness, caring and intelligence are you.  With love Dave, Kim Sanderson & family
  • "In honour of a courageous, vulnerable, inspiring, talented woman.  You will be missed and always in my heart." Ramona Ng
  • "Forever remembered as a dear friend, respected colleague and the most generous of people" Susan Cline
  • "Marlene, your indomitable spirit will live on!  I feel privileged to have been your friend." Laurie Freebairn
  • "In loving memory" Pauline Moroz
  • "Our deepest sympathies - Marlene will be greatly missed. All your friends at Nelson Education Ltd." Greg Nordal
  • "Marlene enriched all our lives by sharing her journey during the past 18 months." Joyce Higgs
  • Kim Sanderson
  • "In loving memory of an amazing woman who made everyone smile and whose spirit lives on in those she inspires.  Love the Ivanchuks"
  • Suzanne Mason
  • "Simon & family, our deepest condolences to you all.  Marlene is a shining star who will never be forgotten" Mark and Ann Howe and family

Gaynell Dowling

  • Gwinnith Redford
  • Marion and Dave Wilson

Terry Mitchell

  • S. Wayne Holota

Dan Falvey

  • Andrew Machum

David (Bryce) Balson

  • Dianne Coulson
  • Catherine Bush
  • East Central Therapy Dogs

Ada Tripudio

  • Silvana Nicastro
  • Anne Dougherty

Ted Jakielaszek

  • Denise Murray
  • J. Jakielaszek
  • Andrea Davidson
  • Kathy Sutherland
  • Lucy Zawadzki
  • Rozanne Lyons
  • Suzanne Vignola
  • Tomasz Uscinowicz
  • Janice Payne
  • Briand and Jean Ross
  • John D E Walton
  • Mary McClenaghan
  • A. Jakielaszek
  • Joanne Erland
  • Margaret Haist
  • Gary & Charmaine Murray
  • Hilda Maxwell
  • Peter Vandervelde
  • Betty Last
  • Stella Helsner

Jean-Marc Landreville

  • Section locale 1956, Unifor
  • L. Westergaard
  • Heroux Devtek Inc

Brian Gillespie

  • Norman Pound

Brian Kane

  • "Loving husband, father, grandfather, & friend" Leigh MacEwan

Helen Smethurst

  • Ron Tulloch

Jerry Rubacha

  • Nicole Rubacha

Joel Andrew Taylor

  • Ron Tulloch

Claude Roy

  • "Avec notre profonde sympathie" John Ferguson

Robert Masterton

  • "In memory of Bert" Mary Dubenofsky
  • Stacey Nevard
  • Stewart and Caren Evans

Sergio Muto

  • "In honour of cousin Sergio Muto for his courage.  We will always remember him." Love Francesca, Theresa and Dominic Muto and family
  • Lilian Pritchard
  • Rosa & Orlando Gosio
  • Luigi Macchione
  • Lauretta Macchione
  • Pauline Philip
  • "Peace be with you.  You will always be remembered." Dominic Zeno
  • Allan O'Reilly
  • "Serg, you put up such a brave fight.  Deepest condolences to all the immediate family" Joy Mann

William Clahane

  • "In loving memory of my dad who continues to be my pillar of strength every day.  He is my special guardian angel who I miss more and more everyday.  Until we meet again dad.  I love you!" Natalie Clahane

Antonio Curcio

  • Paulie Marmina

Lise Laberge

  • Jane MacGregor

Debbie Castle

  • Carole Gerstel
  • Ryan Gerstel

Joan Johnson

  • Victoria J. Ross
  • Rosa Della Lana
  • Anne Stewart
  • Elizabeth Kravjanski
  • "You are a special lady who will be fondly rememered always." Love Brent, Maria & Stuart Kravjanski
  • "So sorry for your loss,  She sounds like an amazing person" Maria Pivar
  • "My thoughts are with your family" Diane Clemens
  • "Tee off time for Joan is a most thoughtful tribute to her life" Sheryl Hunt
  • "The thoughts and prayers of our family are with you and yours during this time of sadness.  Our condolences on your loss." Ian Culbert
  • "What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose.  All that we love deeply ecomes part of us" (Helen Keller) Patricia Newton
  • Barbara Wright
  • "On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Museum.  We are so sad to hear of your loss. Joan was a special lady who gave friendship and love to so many."Kirstin clausen
  • "In memory of a lovely lady" Elizabeth Katherine Kravjanski
  • "I did so enjoy working with Joan at the LB Library and will miss her very much" Cecilia Haas

Sharon Litke

  • Forestburg Order of the Eastern Star
  • Linda Johnson

Sharon McDonald

  • Patricia Muxlow
  • Bob and Donna Cobbledick
  • John and Wendy Clements
  • RBC team at the Strathroy Branch
  • Stephen and Brenda Beattie
  • Gail and A. D. MacLeod
  • Gordon Stock and Joanna Follings
  • John and Shirley Mansfield
  • Murray Brooksbank & Peggy Sinclair
  • Ray Morgan
  • "In memory of our dear friend and neighbour" A. L. Smith 
  • Bob Glidden

Brad Henderson

  • Stephen Turton

David Loe

  • "Barry, please remain strong during these tough times.  Wishing you the best and lots of care from the Zettl family." Robert Zettl

Deloris Ann Holowka

  • "With warmth and sympathy" Albert Aziza
  • W. Alex Kyle
  • James Drake
  • Mark Astmann
  • Brian Fotherby
  • Marie Stamler
  • Pat Halko

Dick Nelson

  • Elizabeth Hughes

Esau Lewin

  • "We are so sorry for the loss of a great man.  His smile will live on through his beautiful children and grandchildren" Iajoya Assent 
  • Doug & Joan Storrey
  • Margaret & David Murray
  • Sharon Nicholson
  • Karen & Roger Greer
  • Ron and Julie Phair
  • Gayle Ecker
  • Tracy Veit
  • Lynn Briden
  • Barbara Lyle
  • Kenrick Ottay
  • Joyce Luesink
  • Ruth and Wendy Benns
  • Susan & Philip Mayner
  • Kay Melvin-Barnes
  • "With all our love" Mary-Ellen Leeder
  • P. Duggan
  • Ontario Competative Trail Riding
  • "Left us far too soon" Mary Leeder
  • "Esau's smile lives on in our hearts.  Peace be with you, Carol" Nancy Zukewich
  • "Everyone at TOT was saddened at Esau's passing.  He touched so many o us with his infectious enthusiam and ever present smile.  We at TOT are better for having the opportunity to know him. He will be greatly missed.  With our deepest sympathy" Steve Ross

Gerardus Talsma

  • Donna Remy
  • Grant & Mimi Debram
  • Shirley Van Belle
  • Wendy Hoogendorn
  • Theresa Taylor
  • Monica Hitchcock
  • Toronto Police Association
  • Alida Moffat
  • Gerard Prins
  • Daniel & Jane Sturrock
  • Andrew Devries
  • Albert & Betty Talsma
  • Maria Dewitt
  • James & Betty Huston
  • John & Ella Raaphorst
  • Jerry & Anneke Verbeek
  • Bob & Ingrid Orr

Helmut Enser

  • Rebecca Holman

Jerry Billingsley

  • "To a great man" Dana Huber
  • Jeffrey Fisher
  • Sharon Hersey
  • Melody & David Perry
  • Ann Friendship
  • "Our cousin time together will be fondly remembered and you will be sadly missed." Gail Partridge
  • Abigail Bayani
  • "Jerry was a wonderful neighbour.  We always appreciated his help and advice.  We are very sorry for you loss.  He will be missed." Michelle Gillen
  • "Rest in peace, Jerry,we will continue your fight and one day beat this disease." Paula Morrison

Joanne Annendale

  • "A beautiful soul taken too soon" Elizabeth Jarvenpaa

Maxwell Patten

  • "In memory of a true gentleman and family man who was taken too soon by the silentkiller. You are in the company of a very special angel...." Grace Crane

Naomi Lynn Friesen

  • "So many wonderful gifts Naomi shared during her life.  Very sorry for your loss" Karen and Albert Epp
  • Donald & Donna thompson
  • Hamilton Mennonite Church
  • "With fond memories, deepest sympathy and love" Irene Penner
  • IMS CSC Prairies (Ann Mills)

Panagiotis Doganoglu

  • "Our deepest sympathies" Derek Mychasiw

Doreen Little

  • "For my Mom, who passed away April 2011.  Never forgotten.  Missed everyday" Sherry Lee Little

Frank Lalonde

  • Wendy Lalonde

Gregory Simpson

  • "We love and miss you very much"  Your loving family (Janet)

John Marshall Gibson

  • `Miss you, Dad` Dawn Gibson

Karen Sokolik

  • `She will be greatly missed by all of her friends from SCARS`Karen Davidson
  • Vera Sanger
  • "With love in memory of our special Auntie KK" Love Laura, Sara and Jena Townsend
  • Curtis Merrison
  • Ken Benson

Keith Moffett

  •  "In memory" Cathy MacLure
  • Nancy Goth
  • Robert Kapcala
  • Dr. & Mrs. K. Scott
  • Denise Benoit
  • Cathy & Rob Chalmers
  • Howard McRae
  • Michael Beaupre
  • Ron Armstrong
  • Gilles Courchesne
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Kopcala
  • Steven Tomkiewicz
  • Sally Charron
  • ``Òur hearts go out to you and your family during your difficult loss`` Stephen & Maghan Satherstrom
  • ``In memory of my nephew Keith Moffett with heartfelt sympathy`Shiley Moffett
  • Wayne & Pat Gorman
  • `We are sorry for your loss and are thinking of your family with sympathy`Daniel Renaud
  • `We mourn the loss of a beloved brother and uncle.`` Barry Kapcala
  • `Deepest sympathies from your friends and family at Your Credit Union`` Sandy Tuepah
  • `He will be greatly missed` Frank Brown
  • Finance Department

Leon Lux

  • `We would like to honour our cousin, Leon Lux.  He was a good strong man who was taken from his family by a brutal disease.  We hope that researchers will find a cure for pancreatic cancer soon.  Leon will be dearly missed by all who knew him`` Darlene Craig

Marie Lapointe

  • Nos pensées sont avec vous en ces moments de grande tristesse`` Daniel Bégin
  • `Marie occpera toujours une place privilégiée dans l'histoire des Débats.  Quel beau modèle de passion et quelle source d'inspiration!`` Valéeir Cournoyer
  • Béatrice Romeskie
  • Margaret Rowan
  • "Marie sera toujours dans nos coeurs.  Nos plus sincères condoléances" Jean P Clemente

Nelson Beattie

  • Stan & Denise Wilson
  • Ruth Beattie
  • Donna Beattie
  • "In memory of a wonderful neighbour" Glen & Sharon Williams

Sandee Dicks

  • Karen Toews

Victoria Gaspari

  • Bogumila Sadlowski
  • "Who fought pancreatic cancer every minute until her passing Feb 20th 2015 at age 56.  We miss you." Greta Margaret Rodman
  • Ellamae Jones
  • Terri Kay

Tony Rykenhuizen

  • "Husband, father, brother, friend. You are missed so very much" Shireen Rykenhuizen

Roy Empey

  • Sears

Patricia Tait

  • Dr. George Zicherman

Kathy Butterwick

  • Peter McCaslin
  • Terry Loree

Brad Haynes

  • Joe and Agnes Collinson

Arlene Latto-Bobcaygron

  • Patricia Kirk
  • Marilyn Anderson
  • Norma Long
  • Robert Ashmore
  • Robert Brown
  • Ron Piesanen
  • Garry Taylor
  • John Brannon
  • Jim Milford
  • Gerrard Wesselink
  • Rod & Betty MacDonald
  • Doug and Mary Hall
  • The Whyte Family, British Empire Fuels and Staff
  • Brian & Sue Lambert
  • Michelle Kunetsky

Brad Schram

  • Robert Schram
  • Patti Lanigan
  • Kip Wieringa
  • Bill Davidson
  • Christine Scham

Alfredo Reyes

  • Bell Canada STO414

Mary Franchuk

  • Lorraine Mykitiuk

Barb Dodge

  • David Ross

Carol McLeod

  • Suzanne Black
  • Pikko Tihonen
  • Cheryl Kostecki
  • "To Lindsay and family our deepest condolences" Pavelic Family

Lloyd Wilson

  • Erika Leslie

Maria Bertini Quattrocchie

  • "Fight for Pancreatic Cancer must go on" Angela Marchetta

Sharon Bergen

  • "There is no doubt that Sharon lived life with a ferocity and passions.  She cared deeply for her family, always opened her heart and home to those around her and loved God with such depth.  Her spirit will live on in the lives she has touched." Grace Siwik
  • William Campbell
  • Steven Savage
  • Gordon Reimer
  • Walter Block
  • Richard & Lois MacKenzie
  • Vern Neinrichs
  • Scott Stevens
  • Henry Harley
  • Tler Hiebert
  • Rich Froese
  • Howard Driedger
  • Luc Lapierre
  • George Froese
  • Ray Barrette
  • Herb Rose
  • Tim Mark
  • Rick Topp
  • Jenn Topp
  • Norm Martens
  • Brian Seeley
  • Dave Hunt
  • Reg Heath
  • CamCyr
  • Fred Shipman
  • Donalda MacBride


  • Patrice Ah-Kam

Jack Dier

  • Sue Burtch

Keith MacKenzie

  • Paddy Tanswell
  • Marty Walker
  • Ann Kemp
  • Jennifer and Ryan Remington
  • Sandra Mitchell
  • George & Cathy Briggs
  • Kathryn Gorman
  • David & Suzette Csiko
  • Mike Heeg & Claire Breakey
  • John Gammage
  • Ernie Bagnula
  • Alexandra Conant
  • Robert G Pride

Michael Thompson

  • Sandy Shutt
  • "We will never forget Mike's dedication to his physical activities.  With deepest sympathy, your family is in my prayers" Elizabeth Crowe
  • "from the Jean Vanier CHS Staff"
  • Silvana Wong
  • David Hilborn
  • Russell Renshaw
  • Maryan's Fabrics Limited
  • Enzo Macri
  • Dino & Linda Salvatori
  • Amy Donia

Jane Padwick

  • Derek Harbottle

Albert Eustace Isaacs

  • Johnson

Arthur Howden

  • Louise Owens

Bob White

  • Nancy Kellar
  • "In memory of Chris'brother bob.  You Cenovus family is thinking of you" Mark Teubert
  • Helen and John Skillen
  • Horace & Phyllis Hubbs
  • Barbara M Wilson
  • Bonnie Fetter
  • Fred Kellar
  • Jackie Vanwort
  • Lea and David Driscoll
  • Debbie White
  • Liz Christie
  • Doug McMann
  • Russell Grills
  • Lois Scharfe

Carol Ann Silverman

  • Cheryl Ostro

Dr. Ronald Masotti

  • Susan Burtch

Evelyn Rutledge

  • Jean Butler

Jean Bundscho

  • Frances Bundscho

John Linscott

  • Sheila Allard
  • Gary & Eileen Chivers

Kenneth John Leask

  • Anna Nagy
  • "Our heartfeld condolences to the Leask family at this difficult time." Wedi Corporation
  • Theresa Pomper
  • Pat Kreutzkamp
  • Lin Vankoote
  • David & Eleanor Leask
  • Diane Robinson
  • Loblaw Inc

Lila Hartwig

  • Beverley Thorne

Kovijka Glusica

  • Predrag Glusica

Mike Cardell

  • Glenys A Williams
  • Proceeds from the Arcis Stampede Breakfast
  • Johanna Milbradt
  • "Please continue the fight to eradicate pancreatic cancer and support those survivors and their families" Jonathan Banyard
  • "Mike was one of a kind, a true hero in his battle" Linda White
  • "In honour of all your contributions and hard work for the glenmore Seals Swim Club" Zoe Williams
  • William Malo
  • "Mike's spirit will live in our memories" Joseph and Carolynne Cassidy
  • George Wilton
  • "Mike was a great friend and inspiration" Stephen Thomas
  • "What an amazing race he ran" Janet Hutchinson
  • "Our sincere condolences.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.  From the Prince family - Logan, Janet, Dale"
  • Dorothy Rodway
  • Charlie & Jeff MacAdams
  • "Farewell friend - you were an inspiration to all of us" Christopher Heaver
  • "With deepest sympathies" Craig and Leanne Rodway
  • "May a life well lived not be forgotten, Mike was well loved and well respected and damn, he gave pancreatic cancer a good fight.  Always remembered" Brad and Lisa Torry
  • "In memory of Mike, a wonderful man who loved life and inspired so many.  I will miss your smile and laughter" Sandi Jarrett
  • Ingrid Odegard
  • Debora Soutar
  • "May Mike's 'love for life' be his legacy for all those left behind." Barry Young
  • "With love to the Cardell family, honouring Mike" Katherine Heisler
  • "My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Mike is a wonderful individual to be remembered!" Britt Odegard
  • Terry Kopperud
  • "Mike fought his battle with a smile on his face and a kick in his step.  Mike and his family have been an inspiration to me and my family which we will carry borward in our own lives.  See you on the trail again someday, Mike" Troy Nelson
  • "From your friends at the Maverick Curling Club.  We will miss your laughter on the ice" Dale Johnson
  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with Marnie and family through this difficult time." Karen Roberts
  • "Remembering your shining personality and love for life, you'll be miss Mike." Amanda Loven
  • torary Club of Calgary West
  • Margaret Ellwood
  • Eleanor Fornataro
  • Kristen Odegard
  • Debra & Keith Odegard
  • Robert Baldwin
  • David Pyke
  • Pam & Earl Lacey
  • Terry Southwood

Patricia Ledden Morlock

  • Clive Allen

Pauline Spehner

  • PK Highland Inv Inc

Tony Seuret

  • "You will alwasy be remembered for your courageous fight" Wendy Steppler

Pearl Marcus

  • "We are thinking of you on what would have been your 25th anniversary.  We love you and we know how much mommy did and will always love you" Michelle Marcus

Sylvia Dworkin

  • "In memory of Sylvia, dearly beloved sister" Kathleen Wilcox

Jeanne Endom Smith

  • "In memory of and gratitude for the life of Jeanne Endom Smith" Jane Brown
  • Douglas Beamer

John Pastore

  • "Marion, in memory of your beloved John, we are thinking about you every day" Gloria and Bruce Tuck

Larry Faseruk

  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time"  Uncle Ed, Aune Anne and the Faseruk family
  • Dr. Gerard Whitty
  • Dr. Michelle Rebidoux
  • Dr.Rick Singleton
  • Dr. Carmel Doyle
  • The Rev. Shawn Samson
  • The Ven. Tom Moulton
  • Dr. David Bell
  • The Rev. Robert Cooke
  • Mrs. Susan Foley
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Faseruk
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Samchee
  • Ann Hersch
  • Lorenzo Policelli

Marie Franscescut

  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult and sad time"  Maria Tassone
  • Franca Ros
  • Robert Tamburnini

Mark Browning

  • "As time goes by, I'm missing Mark more and more" Gene Quondamatteo

Matthew Jones

  • "Tyson and family - While I only had a couple of opportunities to enjoy the company of Matt, I always found him to be charming, full of life, and genuine.  I'm certain that he will be much missed" Mike Witoski

Christopher Lawton

  • Amanda Nielsen
  • Lori Ralph
  • Terry Ralph
  • Arlene Mazur
  • Michael Border
  • Allan & Deanna Montpelier
  • Anne Lawton
  • Crescent Point Energy
  • Mrs. S. A. Klassen
  • Doreen Linney
  • Frank Olsen
  • "Miss you so much"  Kate & John Leonard
  • "A brother and friend who was taken all too soon." Jim Lawton
  • "Our thoughts are with you" Alexis Chiorney
  • Irene Dypvik-Galts
  • Connie Franklin
  • "May Chris be sitting by a fire, coffee and a book in hand..." Dawn & Kirby Floen
  • Lilian Barton
  • Olga Mazur
  • Katherine Weidmann
  • Joan Collins
  • "Always remembered" Myrna Pruden
  • "I am deeply sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family" Lindsay Montpellier
  • "Our heartfelt condolences" Jacquie Famulak
  • "We love and miss you dearly, rest in peace Uncle Chris" Kimberly Meechan
  • Robert Mazur
  • "Our sincere condolences to Robyn and family"  ENMAX Rosemary Everitt
  • Flo and Larry Brokop
  • Kristopher Pretty
  • "Condolences from everybody in the annual NCAA Basketball Pool.  We are thinking of you" Susan Jaeger
  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family" James Wilkins
  • Patricia Philip
  • "Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts" Lindsay Matchett

Dave Ward

  • Eda DiLiso

David Hagerman

  • Jim and Kathy McShefrey
  • Kathryn Empey
  • Curtis Labond
  • Marie Deruga
  • "My deepest synpathy for your loss.  May your happy memories sustain you and your family at this difficult timne." Elizabeth Pilz
  • Rosemary Williams
  • Lauren Hamaschuk
  • "Remembered with much affection" Heather Hisey
  • "Please accept my sincere sympathy.  My thoughts are with you and your family." Rhonda O'Brien
  • "Our deepest sypathy" Georgeanne & Ray Baker
  • Richard Simms
  • Richard and Geraldine Akerly
  • Kim Lambert
  • Bonita Irvine
  • "Dear Jocelyn and Jon, Our deepest condolences"  Pam & Rolly Murphy

Don Miller

  • "We miss you Uncle Don, love always" Kimberly Meechan

Donald Joseph Beaton

  • "Our deepest sympathy" Bernadette and Don Myher
  • Stanley Lake
  • "My deepest sympathy" Don Beaton

Harry Lynn Scott

  • Gord Mason

Hortensia Mihalas-Cajal

  • "Happy Easter, Mommy!  I miss you more and more every day...Hope you're ok wherever you are.  I love you forever xoxoxo" Stephanie-Fay Cajal
  • Yaelle Arama

James Robert (Bob) Young

  • "A light has gone out here on Earth but is burning brightly in heaven" Colleen Clattenburg
  • "Our thoughts are with you and the girls during this difficult time" Barry Woynar
  • "In loving memory" Jean and Jocelyn LeClerc
  • "Bob's generous support to Debbie and his daughters, extended family and community will never be forgotten." Monica Baccardax

Bob Clark

  • Angie Clark

Jan Schween

  • Mike Schween

Ann Duermeyer

  • "Not a day goes by where we don't think about you.  We miss you mom."  Robina Scrivener

Betsy Moore

  • James Wilkins

Bryan Burtch

  • Sheila Sly

Claude Rassy Rabbat

  • Roger Nazar
  • Dr. & Mme Georges Choueri
  • Emile Kiwan
  • Nabil Attie
  • Zaina Khalife
  • Serge Tohme
  • Grazella Massaad Papazian
  • Michel Takla
  • Pierre Massaad
  • Jean Chahine
  • Victor Baba
  • Karim El-Samra
  • Olivier Beaudoin
  • Fadi Mansour
  • Nehman & Maureen Assi

Diane Mitchell

  • La Capitale Financial Security
  • Don Tomchuk
  • Ralph MacLean
  • "Our deepest condolences are with you and your family at this dificult time."Cathy Menear
  • Faye MacIntyre
  • Mary Teasdale
  • Joyce L Evans
  • "Our heartfeld condolences to the Mitchell family. I felt a real connection to Diane and only wish we had become friends sooner." Susan Zurawski
  • Lori Lennon
  • Don & Trudy Dunlop
  • "Sorry for the loss of your mom" Mechanical Integrity Group, Irving Oil Refinery

Donna Brennan

  • Herb Brennan

Douglas Pinkney

  • Dorothy Casey
  • "Our deepest sympathies on the passing of your Dad.  Heartfelt condolences" Dawn & Alan Gleason
  • Joanne McLean
  • Paul Hadlow
  • Bryan S Gillespie
  • "Thinking of you" Susan Haines
  • Barbara Dean
  • Violet and Joe Macina
  • "Our thoughts are with you" Brian Malcolm
  • "From the staff of Meridian Credit Union - Aurora Branch" Barbara Hardy
  • "With our condolences" Bill and Susan Walker
  • Lilian Madill
  • Denise Dugal
  • Diana Kirk
  • Dorothy Pearsall
  • Elizabeth Anne Smith
  • Anja Kruutila
  • MaryLee Lockett
  • Patricia davey
  • Janice Garnett
  • Cheri Coulter
  • William Oleksiuk

Dr. Peter Lusztig

  • Mary Stott

Eleftheria Tsihlias

  • "Thinking of you and the entire family"  Love Michelle Giardino and family

Elsie Smart

  • Victor Palles

Ernest Couperthwaite

  • Markham Stouffville Hospital Physiotherapists & Rehavilitation Assistants - Reshma Rego
  • Michael & Anne Travers
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dan Didier
  • Judy Martin
  • Wendy Lally
  • Edith Burnie
  • Bette Williamson
  • Patricia Lawrie
  • Eloise & Gary Bowerman
  • Janette Hitchins
  • Marlene Skitch
  • Carol & Michael Burd
  • Alan & Ruth Brackley
  • Cheryl Stevenson
  • Kevin Pritchard
  • L. Lomax-Clearidge
  • Ann Gordon
  • Janet Whiteley
  • Robert Ramer
  • Metroland Media Group Ltd
  • Robert McTaggart
  • Russell Beare
  • Mr & Mrs. R. Laughlin
  • Mr. & Mrs. E Ferguson
  • Eleanor Featherstone
  • Andrea Gilks
  • Carolyn Pritchard
  • "So sorry for your loss - please accept our condolences"  John and Sarah Murison
  • Sharon Pynn
  • Denise Stremler
  • "From your friends at Celestica.  Our thoughts are with you." Cynthia Shea

Eta Chaim

  • Kathleen Bradley
  • "Although we didn't get to mett Eta, we know what kind of family she raised.  She must have truly been an amazing person and great matriarch to raise such a wonderful family." Henry, Ira, Devin, Max, Michael, Richard and Elliot Berinstein

Eugene Francavilla

  • "Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow.  May you rest in peace, Eugene." Roseanne Parke
  • "Please know we mourn alongside you and there are no words to accurately express the deepest grief we feel for Eugene's passing.  We pray that the fond memories bring ou peace, comfort and strength." Love GP and Stefanie DiRocco
  • "A good man that has left us way too soon.  Eugene will be dearly missed.  Our condolences to Diana, Alyssa and John and the restof the family"  The Cumbo Family
  • "With our sincerest sympathy" Kevin & Rachelle McConnell
  • Michael Burke
  • 427 Auto Collision Ltd
  • John Wamboldt
  • Angelina Iuliano
  • Robert Filcetti
  • Robert Calandra

Giuseppina Raso

  • "In loving memory of Giuseppina Raso.  We love you Nonna"  Anthony * Christina Casamento and family

Hassan G Hamedani

  • "A beloved father whose legacy continues in his children.  Sincere condolences from the Killikelly family"

Jane Lindsay

  • "Remembering Jane" Philippa Tattersall
  • David Tweedie

Jay Pillo

  • "Our sincere condolences" Diane and Greg Lekas

Andrew Gillespie

  • "Happy Birthday to Andy, my loving husband and best friend.  May 17, 1949 - May 18, 2014" Wendy Gillespie

Audrey McAllum

  • Franklin McAllum

Beverley Wilford

  • John Wilford

Ciriaco Granato

  • Cathy Sardellitti

Jerry Fisher

  • "Thoughts and prayers are with you at this tough sad tine!  Jerry was a great man!" Tim, Annette, Travis & Cody Tremblay
  • Retail Wholesale Department Store
  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family"  Jody Lefebvre
  • "Sorry for your loss" Dave Basler
  • "With deepest sympathy" Art Klassen
  • Nancy Sawa

John Wallace

  • John Burgoyne

Kaarl (Karl) Fredrick Hill

  • "This donation is in meory of our wonderful brother-in-law, karl.  He was a gracious and gentle man and is greatly missed by all of us who knew him.  With our love, John and Barbara Cox"

Katherine Unyk

  • Anna Unyk

Louise Stott

  • "Remembering your fight.  Miss you mama, this Mother's Day, and always."  Becky Stott

Margaret Engholm

  • "In memory of a gracious, goregeous, direct and determined lady" William Deeks
  • "In loving memory of a special cousin" Hugs, Paul and Judy Hodgkinson
  • Ann Lind
  • Paul Montgomery
  • "Our thoughts and love go out to you and your family"  Dudley Taylor
  • Sandra Henderson
  • "With love in memory of a wonderful woman, Margaret"  Ana Maria San Martin
  • "With fond memory of your mother" Carolyn Doris

Maria Elena Flores

  • "A memorial donation has been made in memory of your mother on behalf of Hydro Ottawa.  Deepest sympathies to you and your family during this difficult time."  Kelly Millar

Mark Frederick Schiebler

  • Kevin Poulin

Michael MacSween

  • "With deepest sympathy from the Management & Staff of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality" Meg Sargent

Nancy Percival

  • "All our love to a kind and generous Aunt" Elizabeth Wilson
  • Ruth de Winter
  • Martha Kneider
  • "In memory" Bruce Humphrey
  • Janette Hamm
  • "I will always remember the good times we had together." Maureen Musgrove
  • Joan Ritchie

Narina Gattoni

  • Francesca Gigliotti Chari
  • Claire Colle
  • Renza Decimelli
  • Ellen McCarthy
  • Liviana Sbrissa
  • Sally Augurusa
  • Michael & Lina Sarracini

Nicholas Mastromonico

  • "Our deepest sympathy" Norma, Lorrain, David and Terry Di Falco

Norm Siegel

  • "With heartfelt condolences on your loss.  Norm was a great guy and will be missed! I enjoyed his visits to the office and looking after him over the years." Jay Taradash
  • Annette and Steve Sweigman
  • "So sory for your loss.  Our thoughts are with all of you at this time." Bella Rittenberg
  • Tony Parente
  • "I am very sorry for the loss of your Zaidy" Elisa Lerman
  • "We are so sorry for the loss of your husband, father and grandfather.  He was a wonderful kind hearted man.  May your memories bring you comfort." Love Andrew, Rachel & Lev Laderman
  • "Our deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved father, husband, grandfather, and great-grandfather.  May your warm memories of him bring comfort to you at this difficult time." Love Robert and Toba Frimet
  • "Our condolences to you and the family on the loss of your father" Rachel Rolnick
  • Tina Westernoff
  • Michael and Ellen Siegel
  • Harvey Sterlilng
  • Noreen Shelson
  • Marcia Halpren

Richard Matthewman

  • "In honour and memory of my dad xoxo" Kimberley Pawlak

Robert Roskell

  • "The proceeds from the Awesome Uncle Bob Earrings from 2014" Eric Landskron

Rodney Collier

  • "In memory of a much loved husband and father" Linda Bartholomew
  • "Ready aye Ready.  RCN Marine Engineers remember" Kelly Yerama
  • Kevin & Christine Barnable
  • Catherine Spencer
  • "Rod, we will sure miss you.  You were a great friend and we had a lot of great times.  Condolences to Elaine, Holly, Sarah, Tyler, Faith and the rest of the family xo" Tanya Morris

Ruth Farb

  • Mendl & Pauline Schwartz
  • "Remembering a very special friend!" Susan Sole

Steven Koorneef

  • "So sorry for your loss" from Dr. Dan Dimtsis and all the girls
  • "Just found out.  Can't believe he's gone.  He was a tour de force.  He was strong and a hard worker.  We will not forget his sense of humour and wit which always kept uson our toes.  He will be sorely issed.  My deepest condolences to the family" Angela Serkhanian
  • Ross Clarke
  • "In honour of our wonderful brother-in-law and uncle" Tracey Frena
  • Ed Vandermolen
  • G. Beattie
  • Lois Boeve
  • "Deeply sorry for your loss.  You will be in our prayers."  With sympathy, Lynn Puddicombre and Tyse Piening, Janet Puddicombe & Gregory Sinasac
  • "Sincerest condolences" David Saunders
  • Tony and Maria Pocobene
  • Jeffrey VanWyck
  • Janet Koopman
  • Dr. Russell Grover

Sonya Nessa Ackerman

  • "In memory of Sonya, a truly generous, loving spirit" Christine Yeomans

Susan Cannon

  • "Susan, your incredible spirit and positive attitude will never cease to influence the people who knew you." Mark Vickery
  • "She lived her life to the max and fought courageously to the end.  She lives on in our hearts." Francine Vickery
  • Roland Trepanier
  • Op Test Equipment
  • Marie Bedard
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sbynek Vicek
  • Diane Buckley
  • Judith Muench

Yvette Trumbla

  • "Our prayers and thoughts are with you as you mourn." Lori Derksen

Mearle Larocque

  • "In memory of you and in honour of Laurie's work for Pancreatic Cancer Canada" Leona Scott

Laverne Roberts

  • Lyla Neal Belker

Eva Bonellos

  • Bernadette Petri

Frank O'Neil

  • Ken and Sharon Worsley
  • "In memory of my brother whom I consider to be a wonderful role model for being humble, loving and kind to all he met in his journey of life on earth. xoxo" Mary Reid
  • "As Mary's mother-in-law, I related to the battle her brother went through as I lost my husband to this same cancer.  God Bless"
  • "With love from your Aunt Theresa O'Neil as I remember you and your family in love and prayer"

Kay Findall

  • Stan & Denise Wilson

Margaret Ann Gidney

  • Keith and Kathleen Shaw

Monique Meloche

  • Patrick Meloche
  • Pierre Meloche
  • Line Charette
  • Marie-Claude Nadim
  • Roger Meloche

Renee Daniel

  • John Watcham

Rod Ostowy

  • Colleen Ostowy

Osea Curti

  • Cesira Iuso
  • Cynthia Yachetti and John Wiggins
  • Ersilia Paletta
  • Domenico & Lillian Calcagni
  • Yvonne Martin

Albert Ladouceur

  • Linda Soucy
  • Carl Larouche
  • Ginette & Sabin Tremblay
  • Stephane Villeneuve
  • Janon Coulombe
  • Verne Jetté
  • "Nos plus profondes pensées sont avec vous et votre famille" Michel Dufour

Alice Rossignol

  • Twyla Cartwright
  • Mabel Whale
  • Steven Lamarsh
  • Joyce Cable

Gordon Kosolofski

  • Fred Robinson
  • Tony & Andrea Kosolofski
  • Rita Tessier
  • KenCarlson
  • Heidi & Allan Harpestad
  • Wayne Whitney
  • Robert Nelson

Millie Huculak

  • Vern Kuzio

Norbert Gunter Oligmueller

  • Wayne & Anita Cornfield
  • William Weir
  • Nancy Weir
  • Ruth Cornfield
  • Tracey Gaull

Bob Dyer

  • "Not a day goes by that we don't lovingly think of you." Love your family and friends (Diane & William Harris)

Faye Humphrey

  • Daphne Knapman
  • "Thinking of you... Sending love, healing and beautiful memories.xoxo" Jillian, Joel, Niklas-Jack and Adelaide Goralski

Joanne Seavey

  • "To my beautiful and loving sister Joanne - in my heart forever"  Love Lilia Henry

Lori Bryans

  • "In memory of Lori Bryans Aug 12, 1961 - May 19, 2015" Robert L Welland

Maureen Tobin

  • "We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of your mother.  Thinking of you at this difficlt time." Love Uncle Sam & Auntie Diane xoxo

Panagiota Zeis

  • "We are very sorry to hear the sad news about your Mother.  Thinking of you"  Heather and Michelle Grossman

Ted Kennedy

  • "He will be sadly missed!" John Cathers
  • Sandra Small Proudfoot
  • Betty Bramford
  • Bruce and Helen Lewis

Yvonne Lloyd

  • "In loving memory of my friend, Tracy's mom!" Sherrie Fulbrook

Dr. Diana Willis

  • Robert & Shirley Southgate

Gina Carmosino

  • Judy Kohn
  • Silvia Rotolo
  • Mafalda Rotolo
  • "Our sincere condolences"  The Kubicki family
  • "Our hearts go out to you in your tijme of sorrow" Neda, Homa Ghorashy

Anne LeCouffe

  • "In memory of Anne and in honour of Ray, she was a finbe person who gave birth to a wonderful son." Cheryl Steer

Elin Horton

  • "Four long years of missing you, but holding on to your spirit as strong as ever" Joanne Montgomery

Gertrude Cooper

  • "Mom, you are missed and remembered with love" Karen & Jeff Brown and children

Gilles Filion

  • "En mémoire de votre père" Les Ambulances l'Islet-Sud
  • "Nous vous offrons nos plus sincères sympathies, suite au départ de monsieur Gilles Filion." Équipe Dessercom (Marie-Josée Roy)
  • Jean-Yves Baril

Jack Langdon

  • "We are honoured to have known Jack.  Our deepest sympathy to Wanda and family" Joan & Brian Weir-Gorrie
  • Kory Wickenhauser
  • "We are so very sorry to hear your sad news.  Jack will always be remembered by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him" Anna Harrison
  • Ellen & Hans Hazenboom
  • Elizabeth Tadman-Kickham
  • "Sorry for your loss.  Lorne is missing his coffee buddy" Lorne and Charlene Beaudette

June Kang

  • "In loving memory of a wonderful and courageous woman" Elena Matthie

Marcelle Paradis

  • Marilynn Slobogian

Demitrios Zaravinos

  • Curtis Marchildon
  • Stavroula Triandos
  • Rose Passerelli
  • Ganas Family
  • Nancy Patton
  • Lisa Pryce

Marilyn Murray

  • Frank Murray

Alana Yorke-Hardy

  • Hugh Ashwell
  • Sydney Mason

Giovanni Calabrese

  • Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 113

Helmut Stocker

  • Frankie Rose

Jocelyne Dupuis Thomas

  • Marlene & Michael Roach
  • Elfie Fried
  • Natalie Poirier

Marilyn Lewis-Steer

  • Woodcreek Community Association
  • Woodcreek Community Seniors
  • Dorothy Nazar

Betty Hartwright

  • Lisa Kitchen
  • Elizabeth Wilson
  • Dwight Colwell
  • Laurin & Carley Colwell
  • C Rupert Colwell
  • Linda Gilchrist
  • "Betty was a dear friend to our family and a wonderful caregiver to so many children including our son.  She lost her husband to pancreatic cancer and herself succumbed to the disease.  We make this contribution in her name so that others may be helped" Jocelyne Thompson
  • "Thinking of you and your family" Stacey Kraemer

Bill Bryson

  • "His memory is a blessing - truly a good man and a good friend" Barry & Carol Presement

David Scott Walker

  • "In memory of our Fraternal Brother from the Employees of TTC Wilson Carhouse ATU Local 113 and Staff"

Edgar Weinheimer

  • "Thinking of you yet again Dad as Father's Day approaches.  Missing you more and more!" Jason Weinheimer

Lynn Gowin

  • "Lynn lost her short battle to pancreatic cancer on july 21, 2014"  Sarah Gowin

Marsha Sperling

  • Joanne McFarland

Ronald Thomas Jeffery

  • "Miss you, Uncle Ron" Stephanie Vandehei
  • Janice Vandehei

Saul Perelman

  • David Moscovitz

Brenda Lee MacDonald

  • Carolyn MacDonald

Ermando Salvati

  • Susan Krutsch
  • Nicola & Concette Simone
  • Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Conte
  • Deanna Way
  • Mr. and Mrs. Guiseppe DePinto
  • Ingrid Heugt
  • Phil & Vera Ciavaglia
  • "Siamo cosi spiacenti del vostro grande perdita. E 'finalmente in pace e continuera a vivere nei vostri cuori con i bei ricordi e il suo amore per sempre" Mary Simone

Patricia Vanderheuvel

  • Ruth Bergman

David Waddell

  • "We wanted to remember Uncle Dave.  He will always remain in our hearts"  Hailey & Kevin Christianson

Harry Boles

  • "Our deepest sympathy in the loss of your brother" Chris Matthews
  • Knights of Columbus, Council 5153
  • Helene Lantot
  • John Kordos
  • Michael Ferrigan
  • Judy Czernys
  • Donna Martins
  • Ruth Mooney
  • Sandy baird
  • Michelle Morrow
  • Richard Geren
  • Nora Edey
  • Robert Legault
  • Des & Noreen Kelly
  • Claire Warner
  • Carole & Dick Gowan
  • "Our sympathies to your family.  It was an honour to have known Harry" Robert & Stephanie Bray
  • "My thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time with the loss of your father." Greg Myers

Hiromi Izuka

  • "In loving memory" Frank Czirfusz
  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time" Susan Madsen
  • "Please accept out heartfelt condolences" Carmen Kanigan
  • "Our condolences to the Izuka family. Hiromi was much loved and will be greatly missed.  Love and prayers from the Wood family"
  • Fumio Izuka

Janusz Lokaj

  • "Just thinking of Janusz today" Annamaria Borrello

Jocelyne Thomas

  • "Je n'oublierai jamais le rire de ta mère.  Elle riat vraiment de bon coeur." Benoit Latrémouille

Louis Edwards

  • "Will miss your wonderful smile and sense of humour at work" Sandra Farndon

Luigi Campagna

  • "We love you and miss you dearly" Dona Campagna

Margaret Lavender

  • Joanne Kurtz
  • Deborah Monk
  • Don and May Ellis
  • Thomas & Marjorie Nash
  • Linda & John Hamilton
  • Doug and Sue Todd
  • Dean and Faye Robb
  • Lucie Bernard and Dan Tremblay
  • Thomas Nash
  • Harvey Sims
  • Lynn Giffin
  • William Juneau
  • Gwyn Jones

Norman Fowlow

  • Catherine Mooney

Sergio Bertossi

  •   `Sympathies à toute la famille" Louis Frenette
  • "Our heartfelt sympathies to all the family." Eileen and Kyle Morrow
  • Helene Audette
  • Marie Charbonneau

Suzette Noel

  • Sharmila Sellamuthu

William Silverman

  • "With our deepest sympathy on the loss of your dear brother, husband, father and grandfather, Bill" with love Vera Glube

Graham Parry

  • Marion Murray
  • Ken Ross

Angus John MacDonald

  • A.J. Benjamin
  • Yvonne Hodak
  • Allan & May Frew

Carol McKinley

  • Alex McDonald

Dolores Calliauw

  • Sharon Kirkland

Heather Sheridan

  • Valerie Keenan
  • Curtis Ryckman and Ashley Harvey
  • John Derlinger
  • Beverley Peart
  • Brenda Keenan
  • Sandra Gauthier
  • Cheryl & Shaun O'Reilly
  • Corus Entertainment

Jean-Claude Gagnon

  • Lorraine Robichaud Bilodeau

Marsha Massie

  • Rosemary Outred
  • Marlene Kent
  • Carol Strachan
  • Diana Harris
  • Patricia Klass
  • Ann Powell
  • Lucy Stubbs
  • Diane Burt
  • Sandra Boldy
  • Winnifred Tobin
  • Riet Orde
  • Georgia Brock
  • Diane Smiley
  • Jutta Steinmueller
  • Jackie Del Grecco
  • Marilyn Branch
  • Pauline Richardson
  • Helen Zee

Mary Wilson

  • Caroline Duffus
  • "A wonderful lady.  She will be greatly missed." Doctors and staff at Beamsville Animal Hospital

Tasia Derzekos

  • "So sorry for your loss" Tim Kingston
  • Janet Renfrew
  • Cheryl Rattray
  • Peter & Paraskevi Voula Betas
  • Gerald and Elaine Wilson
  • Carl and Dorothy Wilson
  • Jason and Collette Smith
  • Janice and Jack Smith
  • Arnold and Cheryl Vandermeer
  • Steve and Stella Toeskis
  • John and Sue Gosbee
  • Dimitra Dimitropoulos
  • Jamie and Sharon Benedict
  • Colin and Brenda Wartman

Barbara Lynne James

  • "Love you, ma!" Matt James

Bob Bundscho

  • Frances Bundscho

Bob MacKay

  • "In memory and honor of Bob who so wanted to live!  We love you Bob and miss you so much!" Darlene & Rocco Angelozzi

David Ben-Reuven

  • "In loving memory of a wonderful man who was loved by many." Janie Rother

David Vienneau

  • "Jordyn and Frank, My very best wishes on the occasion of your marriage.  Nicki suggested this would be the best way to get you something and I couldn't agree more!" Edison Stewart

Debra Lenahan

  • Darlene & Jim Sealy

Delia Y. Blassnig

  • "Danielle and I both miss you very much and our thoughts are with Bruno, Mirelle and Bernard" Vanessa Femia

Geoffery Kowatch

  • Mike Rickards
  • Jerry Draper

Henk Van Dooren

  • "We feel tremendous sadness at the news of Henk's passing.  He was a respected, thoughtful and insightful member of the College's Council and Committees and he will be deeply missed.  We extend our deepest sympathy to you at this very sad time." Lise Betteridge

James Malcolm Dickson

  • Laura Jeffery

John Hou

  • "May this small gift be a tribute to your father's memory, may he always be with you, especially on this special day" Aline Bowman

Keith Nielsen

  • "A true man of God" Lorilee Scott

Margaret Bourque

  • Susan Arsenault

Melissa Stein

  • Rachel Abrams

Muriel Fries

  • Lee Vandervelden

Catherine Diane Johnston

  • Elden A Gibson
  • Frances Neuls
  • Leslie & Olga Dutka

Marline Blake

  • Lori Trowbridge
  • John Blake

Mary Finstad

  • Raylene Scott
  • Patricia Maclellan
  • Dolores & Ronald Golden
  • Richard & Janice Kroetsch
  • Karen Bellehumeur
  • Robert & Patricia App
  • Edward Liddycoat
  • Erma Sander
  • Chris & Jane Malleck
  • Bonnie Bauman
  • John & Marybeth Bernhardt
  • Robert & Anja Alcott
  • Barry Desormeau
  • Vicky Desmaraise & Stefan Lindner
  • Time & Erika Hergott
  • Grace Ibrahima

Peter F Buehler

  • Audrey Cherevaty
  • Richard Bauer
  • Ivan & Carol Persin
  • Milka Persin
  • Rose Cozzolino
  • Jack & Elsa Cullen
  • "Our deepest condolences" Lynn and Bruce Weber
  • "My sympathy is with you at this difficult time for you and your family." Karl Pedersen

Peter Meucci

  • Sandra D'Avella
  • Virginia Rae
  • "Gone too soon, remembered forever." Rosanne & Joseph Falcone
  • Sheila & Steve Oakley
  • Joan and Leonard Forte
  • Marek Kozak
  • Joseph Trigiani
  • Karen Holtze
  • Fernanda Scianitti
  • Vito Balenzano

Aron Froese

  • "A great uncle and man that will be missed but never forgotten!" Ken Froese
  • "In memory of Aaron Froese" Ken Marsh
  • David and Kirsteen Bass
  • "Our sincere condolences" Management and staff at Landtran Systems Inc
  • Wes & Luise Penner
  • Michael Choloniwsky
  • Anges Petkau
  • Marlene Froese
  • Cathy and Jim Pruden

Angus "Gus" MacDonald

  • "With condolences from Any's family at Husky Energy"

Ann DeLuca

  • Rose Linklater
  • "Brenda & Pat, our thoughts and love are with you"  Lisa and Dave Atkinson
  • "Thinking of you and wishing you peace and comfort as you remember your mother" Liz & Bill Prociw
  • Kristina and Rob Clayton
  • Mary Dovigi
  • Anthony & Janice Gasparetto
  • Christopher Kiernan
  • Bruno & Judy Vit
  • Kenneth & Ann Bumbacco
  • Bob and Louise Struikas
  • Matt & Nadia Ferlaino
  • Stephen and Roseanne Vance
  • Anne Marie & Denis Stillabower
  • William and Susan Grosso
  • Mary Muio

Dave Tory

  • "Words cannot express our deepest sympathy" Donna and Barry MacDonald

David Nicol

  • Wendy Wilson
  • "Linda and family, We are so sorry for you loss.  Sincere condolences from your friends at work." Allison Gibson
  • "Dear Linda and family, I am so sorry for your loss." Sincere condolences, Stacey Della Valle

Guy Fillion

  • Daniel Fillion

Janet Hiltz

  • "Janet will always hold a special place in my heart as my godmother.  Rest in peace, your kind smile and infectious laugh won't be forgotten" Marci Allen
  • Leah Ells

John Evans

  • Earl and Valerie Ludlow

Judith Nicki Butler

  • "You will be missed, Nicki.  It has been wonderful knowing you and becoming a part of your family"  Love, the Dang family

Jun Mamaril

  • "Rest in peace Tito Jun.  May eternal light shine upon you" Anthony and Michelle Reyes
  • "So sorry for your loss.  Rest in peace." Andrea Breadner

Mildred Ram

  • "In memory of my beloved wife, mother, and grandmother.  So dearly missed." Jerry Ram

Teddy Bortkiewicz

  • "With heartfelt condolences, we are sorry for the loss of your brother, Teddy.  He was a great person and will live on in our memories forever.  Wishing you peace, prayers, and blessings" Love John, Kristine, Sophie, Nicholas, Matthew & Jenna Wolowiec

Willijane Simons

  • "In memory of a wonderful woman and much loved friend" Bob and Sheri Patterson
  • "Wishing you courage for the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.  We all miss Will so much." Carol and Otto Heindorf
  • Bruce & Melanie Cook
  • "Sorry for your loss.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family." Fran & Tom Slinger
  • "In memory of a wonderful woman!" Monique Waters

Catherine Meneses

  • Craig Russett

Clifford Arthur Goodyear

  • "A good friend and part of our extended family.  We will miss you but will always remember those Christmas Eves and times in Harcourt." Geoff Stone
  • "We will miss you very much, Cliff. I have very fond memories of you especially our Christmas Eve tradition!
  • R.C.Pelley
  • "So sorry about Cliff, thinking about all of you." Carol and Jan Negrijn

Colin Silcox

  • "For your Dad, Kristy" from your teammates on Atomic Ice.
  • "With our love and prayers" Donley and Judi Watkins

Elmer Harke

  • "For a wonderful husband and father.  Always in our hearts" Marilyn Harke

Esio Marzotto

  • "My close friend" James Allan Brown

Glen Kabanuk

  • "Loving father, brother and friend" Tyler Kabanuk

Glenn Davies

  • Ken Hiebert

Graziano Saluri

  • "Our thoughts and prayers are with the family" Love David, Lucy, Matthew and Adrian Castellani
  • "May God embrace you as much as we did.  Rest in Peace" Q. Cramarossa
  • Josie Celli
  • Lina Balsamo
  • France and Antonio Rotondi
  • Frank and Jennie Ciccolini
  • Frank Iannello
  • Salvatori Di Pasquale
  • Tony and Dora Parente
  • Emma Guizzette Breda
  • Rosa Genova
  • Eleonora Guizzette
  • Vita Graci
  • Antonio Melatti
  • M.A.M.Group Inc
  • Saul Feldberg
  • Mr and Mrs Lorenzo Di Maria
  • Robert & Luisa D'Agostino
  • Mr. and Mrs. Angelo De Gasperis
  • Monica Triolo
  • Adriana Aucielle
  • Giovanni & Concette Guglietti

Herbert King

  • E. Marie Keasey
  • Doris Keasey

Jaremy Rae Tallentire

  • "Our sincere sympathy is with you and your family during this time of sadness" Linda Robinson
  • Jeffrey Mitchell
  • "Our deepest condolences Jenea on the loss of your brother.  Jaremy was a great personl.  Please do not hesitate if there is anything we can do to help." Erik Eberhardt
  • Joan Kelly
  • Lil House
  • Gordon & Lorraine Garratt
  • Sharon Church

Kevin Porter

  • Ron & Bev Struthers

Richard Purdy

  • Leonora Ring

Sandra Riddell

  • Randy & Susan Hannon

Josephine L. Crossland

  • Jane Taylor

Lilian Johnsson

  • "Always remembered" Linda Malcomson

Mary Aileen Weekes

  • Don Weekes

Micheline Blais

  • Luc Desjardins

Patrick David Clinansmith

  • "A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves for they are still alive in the hearts and minds of loved ones and they live on.  Please accept our condolences." Rowena Cacciato

Tony Sterk

  • Shawn Hooker
  • Ann Beneteau
  • Michael Sirola
  • "In memory of Tony Sterk" Karen Albertson

William A. G. "Bill" Buck

  • "In memory of Sandra's father" A. Blier

Allen Stephens

  • Andree Pomfret and France Jones

Carman Sararas

  • Reginald Molaro











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