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Radio Interviews, Television and YouTube Videos

Libby on airOne reason this cause gets so little attention is that there are few survivors to tell the tale. Libby Znaimer, our national spokesperson, has been instrumental in putting the spotlight on both pancreatic cancer and our foundation and the results have been amazing in terms of increased profile. "I was surprised and thrilled" she said, "I don't think I've ever done anything that has reaped results so quickly". 

Below you can hear interviews and view videos from those who are passionate in raising awareness and sharing how their lives have been touched by pancreatic cancer.


Radio Interviews

YouTube Videos & Interviews

Libby Znaimer Attended the World Pancreatic Cancer Conference in Montreal on - 2017

Ask A Doctor - Michelle Capobianco on VOCM Big Land FM - 2016

Goldhawk Fights Back - World Pancreatic Cancer Day with Libby and Laurie - 2014

Pancreatic Cancer Wrap Around on World Pancreatic Cancer Day - University of London - 2014

Pancreatic Cancer Canada $100,000 gift for research  - 2013

Two views on re-directing funds - CBC News - 2011

Lydia Toporowski's fight to get coverage for Folfirinox regimen - Zoomer Report - 2011

Health Minister Deb Matthew's Responds to Lydia's situation - Zoomer Report - 2011

Dr. Biagi of Cancer Care Ontario discusses his support of Folfirinox - Zoomer Report - 2011

New hope for Folfirinox approval - is on the Health Ministry agenda - Zoomer Report - 2011

Health Ministry Panel delays decision on fate of Folfirinox - Zoomer Report - 2011

Dr. Biagi comments after decision postponed until after summer break - Zoomer Report - 2011

Lydia Toporowski is cancer free thanks to Folfirinox but Gov't won't approve drug coverage - 2011
(Lydia has since passed away but will be remembered for her impact in raising awareness and advocating for the Ministry of Health to approve Folfirinox as treatment option for patients)


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